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Sexual function versus dysfunction is a matter of performance rather than the people’s pleasure. To attain sexual pleasure, a man should be able to keep his erection for as long as he and his partner could like. The one and the most male sexual dysfunction recently is erectile dysfunction. Since this problem is affecting many people, they have in turn resolved into using drugs. The most used drug by these men is Viagra (Cook 165).

Many people believe that Viagra is a potency pill with many users jubilant that it has effect that last for the whole night. Some and many men see Viagra as the culture of this social illness. Many men who have sexual dysfunction are said to be impotent. This has been of much frustration to many people. Impotence can be defined as dysfunction which wasn’t of power, weakness, lack of effectiveness helplessness, and lack of ability to engage in sexual intercourse. To reduce this problem, the drug companies used some chemistry to keep the machine working in order to assure the flow of men to their doors. According to Susan Bordo, there are some people who should be left to use Viagra and these people may be those who have had accidents, diabetes, cancer and other misfortunes (Cook 165).

The medical definition of erectile dysfunction is the inability to get erection that is inadequate. Impotence can also be psychological in nature. According to Philip lopates penis has its own intelligence which has to be listened to rather than being cured. No matter what the culture expects of the penis, it is not a torpedo. Viagra seems to be marketed and used with the opposite message in mind. Viagra only encourages rather than discouraging the expectation that men perform like power tools. This expectation should be replaced by conception of manhood that permits men and their penises a full range of human feeling. I disagree with information that many people with diabetes use Viagra and that Viagra is used as a cure for psychological problems (Cook 165).

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