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In the scopes of this paper the patients’ information confidentiality would be discussed in the light of the following issues: written information, reproducing patient information and computer information,

While discussing the written information, it is important to rely to the following does and don’ts. First of all, the secure place of storage should be created for the computer printouts, reports and confidential papers. In addition, it is important to pick up confidential papers from the conference room tables, copiers, mail boxes and from the other locations which are publicly accessible, as soon as possible. When the confidential papers are not needed anymore, they are to be appropriately disposed: shredded or torn.

While referring to the Reproducing Patient Information: photocopying and faxing in particular, it is important to outline the following tips. It is considered that the patient information transmission via fax is the least controllable technology. That is why the sender should be provided with the correct fax number and in addition, one should be guaranteed that the fax machine of the particular letter receiver is located in the secure place. Finally, the patient should sign the Release of Information, which implies permission of the information transportation to another location.

Finally, while referring to the computer information and its protection, it is prohibited to share the pass word and log in instead oh having own one. In addition, each department of the healthcare establishment is provided with the access to the limited quantity of information- the human resource centre has the access to the employees base, but is not provided with an information about the current orders/ every employee (doctor or nurse) is provided with own log in and pass word to his the personal page, which outlines current activities and orders to be accomplished. It is very convenient because it allows the management of the healthcare establishment to monitor the activities of the subordinates and not to explain every time what one is supposed to do in some period of time- everyone is provided with the clear instructions via electronic sources.

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