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Savant syndrome tends to be a very rare condition, though it is spectacular in nature. This is a type of condition where individuals have different disabilities in their development, such as Autistic Disorder. Despite their disabilities, these individuals have outstanding abilities that go contrary to their developmental disabilities. This condition can be either acquired or congenital. It can be acquired when an individual is injured or has a certain mental disease. The condition has been recorded in males than it has been recorded among females. The condition usually leads to the development of brilliant skills in the affected person. Skills tend to occur within a very narrow, though in a constant range of functions of human brains. Skills are common in six areas of life, namely art, calendar calculating, mathematical ability, lightening calculating, mechanical abilities, music, as well as spatial skills (Glidden, 1999).

There are a number of plausible theories that have been constructed with an aim of explaining the savant syndrome condition. For the purpose of this essay, one has constructed eidetic imagery theory to explain how the condition of the discussion works in human beings. The eidetic imagery is an approach that tends to identify various areas that need some assistance quickly, as well as generating change by the usage of revolutionary tools. The theory has been used to identify how human brain stores various potentials, as well as techniques of bringing potentials forward. Eidetic can be defined as that psychical form of image that has unusual vividness. Images usually occur and remain constant in brains; thereby, it can be accessed over a long period of time.

Images that are formed in the brain of an individual following the occurrence of a certain event can be retrieved in the form of drawings. Some individuals with savant syndrome tend to develop some abilities in drawing, as a result of what was formed in their mind following the occurrence of an injury to their brain.

According to a renowned Scholar, Bruce Miller, an injury to the brain leads to a condition known as fronto temporal dementia, which usually affects the front part of the brain in the left portion. According to Deyn, Thiery and D’Hooge’sin the book “˜Memory: Basic concepts, disorders, and treatment’, this condition tends to leave some part of the brain unaffected. Unaffected parts usually get in to compensate the loss of tissues and the compensation results to three Rs (Deyn, Thiery & D’Hooge, 2003).

When an injury occurs to the brain, it results to some high levels of creativity in the affected individual. According to eidetic imagery theory, the injury results to complex changes in the structure of the affected individual brain, as well as formation of dynamic images that result to the development of outstanding capabilities in the affected person. The injury results to the discovery of imagery blueprints within one psyche, locating their sources and finally tracing their tributaries.

Savant syndrome, therefore, according to eidetic imagery theory, can be said to result in an outstanding condition of formation of image that the affected individual develops which are later seen in life skills (Cheatham, 2005). Skills can be seen through art, music, among other forms. The individual in question may not have been in possession of these skills before the occurrence of the injury which leads to the savant syndrome.

In conclusion, individuals who develop savant syndrome after suffering from a brain injury have recorded some outstanding capabilities. Their abilities have made them make tremendous contributions to the well-being of the society. Damages that their brains suffer from come as a blessing rather than a curse. It is through the condition of savant syndrome, according to eidetic imagery theory that their brains are able to form extraordinary images that are later formed to something beneficial.

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