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There is a well knowing saying about life:

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player,

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,

And then is heard no more; it is a tale

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing.

People who know the real meaning can fight for any thing and rule back the life they sustain in the world to live upon at the time of spending it.

People are taking about the recession and the loses that the company had to pay and the government is paying. But this is only one part of the coin but the other part is hidden from us. Do you know that the growing population and other loses are being fulfilled by the pockets of local people. We are the ones who are suffering highly by the whole scenario and no one cares about it.

The thinking has changed and so is the mind’s of each person. But can we change the technology or the globalization of the industry and the answer would be no. Why is the whole money for all these things are coming from can any one of us can answer? Economic growth is changing and so is the rate of change of currency, we don’t combine each and every thing with our daily life but would love to hear and feel the changes for the good and around us the atmosphere has changed.

What is money, just only a sack of paper which can be burned or destroyed by the fire or any thing like that? Can money give you all the worthy things which you deserve if you are a low profile person who just earn to fill his stomach the answer would be no and we all would be lost in the worldly treasure which cannot fulfill all the desired needs as a person himself. So a world of treasure if not a world of pleasure, we are a person who are not a pebble of stones to play with and do not give us all the manly weather to fill your pockets of amble.

Economy is going without something you

Do want in case you should, some day,

Want something you probably won’t want.

As very well said that economic resources are useful for exchanging the needed causes but we don’t have the real scenes behind the extra ward cost of the incurred illegal momentum which gains no pain for paying any cost for the help of people. Do we have right to speak in our own country and do they know that what is right and what is wrong I don’t think so that’s why educated people like us are becoming fools and no one of us really care that money is the only source through which can earn our livelihood. Money is was the only source for the people to rule over poverty line but due to the high cost of each and every item we as a person are living below the poverty line and the recession is highly faced by us.

What are the government are doing to go for the save our economic resources. They are only making policies but can not amend them up for any one of us the rural areas where people are just living there livelihood for the sake of living. The farmers are still facing the inwardness of the recession; the companies are not hiring the full fleshed people who are the complete package for them because they are not able to understand the feedbacks. The employees want to leave there jobs just because the working and the salary is very low as compared to the salaries offered to them.

We all run behind money but does it gives or buys for you the prosperity and fame which cannot be earned after raising your voices for the speed digging of the well and cannot transform the value of gold for you and gave you the fame of worthy life.

I listen to money signing. It’s like looking down

From long French windows at a provincial town,

The slums, the canal, the churches ornate and mad

In the evening sun. It is intensely sad.

The real value of life can be know by that person who have come across many ups and downs which have brought the change in the life and have earned him the real value which cannot be gained by anyone or the money itself. They are different termologies used to explain the real value of cost incurred in the life. The different studies have changed the synopsis of life and the current status of life have given its value high which reaches to the cost of life that is death.

This is the common issues in ones political, health care, safety, living and globalization. As the technology is advancing so is the value of economy raising but we common people cannot pay its real undertaking and proofs and be given that in future may be the persons have to stay at the stake of others life.

Do people and the person who they are dealing with know that the life is priceless and they is no cost paid if some lose is incurred. The common thing one should know that the individual have there own feelings and the person dealing with it should be careful by not opposing to there personal life.

What are the facing consequences of the money in ones care? The willingness of the person can be know by how much is he delegated to pay or withdraw his lissome. For a healthy living we must pay something to live and if we compare any thing then we are not capable of paying it and our life is ended to death. It can be simply done by looking at the person willingness to accept or pay. A person will be willingness to accept if he is putten into a place where the pollution is more as compared to the place where the pollution was less and how capable he is to fight against the overcoming duties and he is able to produce the willingness to live in the changing conditions and so he will be paid accordingly.

They are many places where a person can change and he is not pronounced as the person would love to be or is capable to stay in the changing climatic condition.

Often people attempt to live their lives backwards; they try to have more things, or more money, in order to do more of what they want, so they will be happier. The way that it actually works is the reverse. You must first be who you really are, then do what you love to do, in order to have what you want.

There are many experiment done on this synopsis and proofs have be given that the life we sustain are withdrawn from the daily basis of the custom and people have to badly follow them as the case may be. Young people run behind money where as people who know the real consequences run behind life the person who wins lives in the world and the other have to die. The loser is the winner at the end of the day because he came to know the problems faced by him on the health, education, housing and all the financial status which he had to maintain.

A man dies and is buried, and all his

Words and actions are forgotten, but the

Food he has eaten lives after him in the

Sound or rotten bones of his children

What is the monetary belief of some persons on the others? Money has its own importance as compared to anything else in life. It can give you education in good schools and colleges, gives you proper vaccines in the health care system, provides you all the three necessary items of life that is food, housing and clothes without which a person can not live to earn but he earns to live. The dream one sees in his lifetime is being fulfilled when he has enough dollars in his pocket. So we can easily say that money has its value in ones life whether he is poor or rich.

Money has to be earned by efforts that is hard work and if a person has lots of money we respect him and he would respect as so. It is not good to hold money but we should rather give them while we can receive it in future due to our spirits have ordered us to pay what we have earned as to what we get. We shouldn’t take help from other in case of financial crisis as the person may take wrong advantage of you.

We cannot trust people who ask money as they may be purposely doing so but should help people who are really in need or so. We should take a pledge that we should not misuse money as it is today may be it will not be in future or so, every person should have a job so that he can earn money to live, and if you are rich then you should help poor and needy people which is right way of expressing your thanks to god.

It is well said in humanity that when you help a poor and needy person GOD blesses you with the shower of passion of earning it and he gives you the entire comfort ness.

The people should do charity, and see that a person should not die due to poverty as he is also like you. So it’s said that charity starts from home and we all are capable of giving it. We all have money to live neither happy nor sad but your future should be secured. A person has all its members as the earning hands then he should know his profits that is the cost of wastage of money he does in public and private places and the loses he faces at he end of the day.

Money is a lightning rod for what I call the lie, or the myth, of scarcity. It’s not merely that we believe things are scarce; we have a mindset or a frame of reference that no matter what’s happening, there is not enough. We are continually scrambling to get more of what we really don’t need. We are reaching for this, wanting more of that…. If we can let go of the constant trying to get more, it frees up unbelievable amounts of energy to make a difference in our life with what is already right there in front of us.

The world is running behind money but who is incurring the cost us our selves. The comforts the valuable things cannot be raised by the worldly treasure but can be raised by having faith in oneself. Due to hunger people are starving and the health rate would go down but can any one of us raise your eyes and say that we have done something to help them, no one of us.

If all the rich people in the world divided

Up their money among themselves there

Wouldn’t be enough to go around.

People forget about there past that when they have lost all the comforts and they had no money then the world didn’t hold there hands as the person was poor he was starving to live with no education back. What is money giving to us in the case of lose nothing but education gives us all the things we want. So its better to stay educated and each person should take a pledge that he would at least make a person realize that what is the position of education in ones life money can be earned in future too.

What do people do when they have off or a vacant week or day sit back home and watch television but by raising your opinions we can change the changing world. There is enough then also we should make a passage for other person to have power in his own hands rather than working for else for giving his children the best of all possible things. The job can give you all the things which a person wouldn’t have dreamt about. God has given each and every person the same structure as the other but misuse could create a blender which is never worthful for your self.

Money has immense power, because we’ve said so, and now let’s give it the power that the Universe, humanity, that the earth needs.

Thus cost can never give you a dollar if you don’t have a good health so that you can earn to live for. The money management is a skill and every one of us should know it well as the management cannot fail but if you fail let the management work for you. That is give proper education, health care, don’t use illegal ways of living as if would end up your life this money is of no worth until and unless you don’t know the proper usage and how to spend in a right direction.

So let’s joins hands to fight against recession, and the corruption so that we can live worthful life then money we have earned so far and enough to do with our cosmic connection of life. At last remember one thing if a person lives he is the person who can really fight against the poverty and the illegal crisis of cost of money.

The economic growth of today is making the population a less decline as the person is not aware of his duties and is caring a lumsome of dangers with him as the cost the decline of humanism. It is the societies who have made the people scare from inside rather than making the society strong enough to fight back the consequences.

The real meaning of capital’s “progress” is that growth must proceed until all desirable optimums are exhausted and destroyed. Preservation of any human or ecological balance, and more desirable state of affairs, is denied in theory and practice. Pursued for its own sake, and without reference to extant conditions, growths are a cancer producing continual per-capita diminishment and illusory profit – until space for natural freedom is exhausted and our enclosure, dependency, and despair are complete.” So follow it rather then losing it for the economic development of the society.

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