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Supernatural Power and Anger Management Concept

Supernatural powers tend to exist beyond and above nature, and its abilities appear to overpower the bounds of possibility. The individuals who support supernatural explanations claim that, the naturalistic means cannot explain the present, past and the future mysteries and complexities of the universe. The use of supernatural powers depends on whether it was indistinct from nature or if the supernatural powers were attributed to nature in an incorrect manner.

For instance, the indistinct from nature perspective reveals that, some events happens in relation to the law of nature whereas other happenings rely on set of external principles familiar with nature. According to scholasticism, the use of supernatural powers is evident when individuals believed that God had the powers of performing all miracles with exception to those that lead to logical contradiction. On the other hand, individuals believe that the use of supernatural powers incorrectly applies to nature by attributing to natural events such as origin of life, lightening, floods and rainbows (Lasssiter 45).

According to the epic of Gilgamesh, the supernatural powers can reinforce or challenge ideas in respect to gender evident through the oppressive character of Gilgamesh. As a result, it made people to ask the gods to use their supernatural powers to punish Gilgamesh. The other way in which supernatural powers can reinforce ideas is when Gilgamesh becomes afraid of death and seeks immortality, which results to Utnapishtim. However, the gods seeks for way of punishing him by ensuring that, Gilgamesh fails to achieve immortality if he fails to adhere by the god’s ways. The god’s decision of applying their superpowers to punish Gilgamesh is because he abused the female genders by sleeping with women who developed interest in him. The use of supernatural powers can challenge ideas through convincing individuals to respect others in the society irrespective of their genders.

The one concept from the epic “Madea” that resonate with an aspect of today’s society is anger management. The thematic significance of anger management highlights ways in which an individual can handle emotions to control anger, and avoid hurting others in society through violence. This is through paying a visit to the psychologists to enable such individuals to recognize their anger, and offer advice on how to handle the situation in case it arises. For instance, the role of women in relation to anger management is evident when “Madea” attends the anger management sessions, which mould her to become a role model to the society. “Madea” becomes a hero when she abandons her overactive and physical violence against the offending. She moulds into a nice person by offering advice, and guiding other individuals against doing the wrong.

The concept of anger management is unique to literary works and today’s period when it provides techniques on how to reduce anger to the society. This is through assisting individuals to identify factors, which make them angry. The first step in anger management is when individuals prepare to change. This is a key to success in both the literary works and today’s world, which assists people with anger in society through motivation, and increasing their awareness concerning anger (Quill 87).

The concept of anger management is unique because; it enhances changes which enable individuals to avoid anger invoking circumstances by learning to maintain calm. The next step of action concerning this concept reflects how people control their anger. This is clear when they accept, and adjust by learning to forgive, and avoiding grudges against people who cause disappointments. The concept of anger management is unique when it assists individuals with anger problems to adopt long term solutions that enable them to maintain change hence; avoid anger.

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