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David Disalvo wrote the article “˜Are Social Networking Sites Messing Your Head?’ In his article, he mainly focuses on the characteristics of the people who participate in social networking sites. The writer observes that in the recent past, use of social media, especially social networking sites and blogs, has increased dramatically. This means that people are interacting more and more without limitations of geophysical boundaries. There is no doubt that social networking sites are not only facilitating how people communicate but also making people busy. This debunks an earlier perspective by the University of Chicago that internet users are lonely. In fact, studies show that use of internet for social purposes supersedes use for formal purposes. Put in other words, social networking sites do not necessarily “˜mess people’s head’ but make it possible for them to reach out to others.

Social networking sites have improved human interactions. This is contrary to what earlier researchers had propounded. For instance, Disalvo writes that “˜In a 2008 study at California State University, Los Angeles, psychologist Keveri”¦interviewed 192 students about how they used internet for communication’. The researchers also assessed the students’ loneliness and social support. According to Disalvo (502), “˜Neither total amount of time spent online nor time spent communicating online correlated with increased loneliness’. In other words, people visit the social networking sites not because they are lonely but because they want to do away with loneliness. Social networking sites have proved that the nature of human beings consists of self-transcendence: they like going beyond themselves. On this basis, then, people who visit social networking sites.

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