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Underground railroads are not actual railroads built underground. Between the years 1850-1860 when slavery was at its height in America, the underground railroads served as escape routes for slaves who wanted so much to gain their freedom back. It could be observed that through the years, the consideration placed upon the being of the slaves and their situation at the time has pushed several slaves of the same group to create connecting underground routes that would lead to other free states in the country and even in Canada. It could be noticed that through the stretch of time of using these particular routes of escape, the abolitionists felt for the cause of the said secret passages. They knew that the consideration placed upon the creations of these pathways are sure to affect whatever future awaits the slaves who never cease to find ways with which they would be able to realize the effects of becoming free from the ties of slavery.

These underground railroads consisted of several meeting points and safe houses. The reason why it was called underground was because it has to be kept secret. The slaves and the operators of the routes used codes and secret signs to give their co-slaves the chance to escape from their own original places unnoticeably. Likely, the fact that it was secret imposes on the idea that the travel was not safe. To make sure that the slaves helped out from their original places would reach their destinations safely there had been some designated individuals noted for their secret code names who are assigned to assist the escapees.

Within the discussion that follows, an understanding on how the Underground Railroad operated and how this particular part of history affected the vision about the new age black Americans today shall be further featured. It is through this discussion that the depiction of a well managed escape to slavery has indeed affected the views of the people towards the capability of humans to pursue what they want when they really want it shall be better expressed herein.

What is the Underground Railroad all about?

During the exasperating years of slavery, oppression among blacks in the American society has already become a normal view. It could be observed that this phase of the American history actually tainted the country’s supposed clean pages of past dealings with the world. Basically, the oppressive approach in which the White Americans dealt with their Black halves actually made it easier for the society to envision an biased society of the white community living in the country.

The development of the Underground Railroad basically opened the chances for the black slaves to find their way back to the civilization and the realization of freedom that they most want to experience. Losing it just because of the color of their skin is basically inhumane. The creation of the route that sets a chance for these enslaved individuals to find ways by which they could further develop themselves into persons who are free to do their will and who have the fair chances they deserve to live and further survive life. The route that trailed the underground railroad opened the doors towards further opportunities that await those who are really able to escape. What made the entire route system so effective that there had been an accounted millions of slaves who were able to use it and became successful in freeing themselves from oppression? The vigilance committee was the primary underground resistance team that protected the route and everyone who passed through it.

Transportations, safe houses, secrete routes and other meeting points along the way were managed and governed by the Vigilance Committee. This group consists of several officials who handle their own personal posts to assure that the escapees are safe and would be able to reach their target destination. The escapees basically travel on foot. Their loads are passed on from one route to another to avoid possible detection from the white American officials who they get pass along the way. Organized as the system is, the underground railroad allowed communication to pass from one person to another without arousing suspicion among the non slaves. This further increased the confidence of the escapees in the route and began to follow through with the others who came ahead of them.

The supposed head “officers” included that of the conductors. The conductors were the ones who handled station to station transfer. The escapees were organized in small groups and were transferred from one place to another practically heading towards the north. The conductors were from different backgrounds. Some were Native Americans, some were White Abolitionists, while some others were Religious groups who supported the need of the Black Americans to feel their born right to be free; different as they are, they have one aim and that is to promote freedom for all and abolish the oppressive treatments received by the black community of the early America.

Station masters were the ones who kept the meeting points secret. Every time the escapees arrive within their stations, these station masters create a certain diversion so as to cover up for the escapees hence protecting them from being caught. The stock holders are the ones holding the financial fund that came from supporters. This financial assistance is given to the escapees as they pass along the trail route. Resting in the depots and the safe houses are the primary stopovers that the escapees get. It could be seen that somehow, it is through this that the escapees regain strength for the long trail that they are still to walk through the stretch of their journey.

How has the Underground Railroad Affected Black Freedom?

With its constant existence of 10-year operation for escape, the underground railroad served as a mark for the desire of freedom among those who have been kept captive due to the promotion of slavery in the American society. It could be observed that the travelling condition and the systematic approach imposed to help the escapees basically created a more vivid picture noting how important it is for the Black Americans to feel free again. The support that came from the non-blacks imposes on the capability of one society to stand firm against the oppressive state realized by one particular group of people. With this supporting unity from all the different backgrounds and different races that composed the routes “conductors” as noted earlier creates a more indicative suggestion that not the entire White American society applauded nor supported the ideas of slavery.

Effects of the Underground Railroad in the Current Human History

The impact of the creation of the Underground Railroad that marked the American history basically created a more impulsive indication on how the community’s unity could actually free a group of individuals realizing the oppressive being of the common society. Today, oppression continues. Although it might not be completely directed to the black Americans, oppression over the minorities still occurs in the American society. The creation of an Underground Railroad might not be applicable anymore but the call for unity against all the ill implications of slavery creates a more practicable sense of invitation for everyone to support the fight against oppression and the depression caused by discrimination to all those who are experiencing the said effects of social division.


Slavery does take many forms. It could not be denied that through the years, the American society has been continuously experiencing the many phases of this particular element in social division. With economic imbalance particularly impacting the whole community of human individuals today, slavery due to economic incapabilities has become a normal picture. Naturally, with this truth surrounding the society today, it could be sensed that the need for change is indeed a demand that must be given particular attention to. The need to create a unified sense of seeing how this particular face of slavery affects the society and how it basically impacts the relationship of people between each other regardless of their races should insist on the need to adjust situations and perceptions about races and economic imbalance.

The Underground Railroad indeed left an impression that imposes more on the capability of humans to become united especially when the need arises. If the society back then was able to do it, then there is no reason why the current society who knows better because of history be able to do more for the sake of the freedom of those who are being oppressed due to the challenges of economic competition that affects everyone today. Not only that, racial discrimination and gender imbalances continue to occur in the society; handling these matters strategically to create a more livable society could better provide each of the human individuals a chance to feel the freedom that each deserves.

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