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The book “Enrique’s Journey” is an eye opening story about boy Enrique and his journey to the USA and his life there. For mediocre reader this story might seem shocking, however, thousands of children every year set of on this journey to come and reunite with their mothers.

Enrique’s mother left him along with his brother when they were little children to go to the USA to earn more money to provide a better life for her children. She was not as successful in the country of opportunities as much as she was hoping. She was sending very little money and rarely called, as she wanted to save more money.

Enrique missed her a lot and always dreamt of reuniting with his mother. Lourdes had provided money to put them past third grade, but all the money in the world will not bring you love and soon boys start developing resentment towards their mother realizing that she abandoned them and she is never coming back.

As a teenager Enrique struggles with addiction and has a girlfriend who gets pregnant. At that point he decides to go to the United States to meet his mother. He had survived through incredibly dangerous trip traveling on the top of the train and had troubles getting through the border. After he reunited with his mother he was happy but not for long, he started resenting here again as soon as she tried imposing her authority on him.

After a struggle with alcohol addiction, he finds a job to support his girlfriend and their new born child. And now both he and his mother work and send money to Honduras to support their offspring. Interestingly enough they don’t find immigration good. As they work hard on low paid jobs and get no benefits.

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