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Mickey Mouse Monopoly is an Art Media documentary that examines the perspective contained in Walt Disney Company’s films and movies for children. Pettit (n.d.) observes that the movies talk about issues of gender, race, and ethnicity among others. This statement is based on the new perspective offered by the documentary; moreover, the films are an avenue of propagating ideals that a group of few people wants others to embrace. It outlines children development, public perception of the products and the motivations of the owners of Disney. The paper is based on the definition of sociology as “the scientific study of human social life, groups and societies”.

To understand this new way of looking at Disney’s children products, there is a need to understand the child development process. In sociological terms, the child grows up in tandem with how he or she was socialized in childhood years. In all the products of Disney, the producers create an imaginary world for the children; a world that may not be necessarily ethical and virtuous. The documentary brings out this little known fact.

Although, the above proposition is factual, there are those factions of academia and public domains, who think that Disney children’s products are good at all times. They argue that if they were not good, teachers and parents would not have endorsed them for consumption by their children. On the contrary, the view that this paper and the documentary present is worth considering.

There is a need to understand that Disney is a private business whose owners may not always hold the psycho-social development of children at heart. Besides, they are interested in making profits. Therefore, they use their wealth to influence the policy makers (Pettit, n.d). Furthermore, the subject matter is presented as fun, thus, it is not possible to read mischief or malice.

In conclusion, the documentary presents a new way of looking at the untold effects of Disney products on children. The major effect is the fact that children are presented with an imaginary world and deviated from the realities of life.

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