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“The Truman Show” may seem as s disturbing movie. However, its plot allows the viewer to understand such things as private life, true love, and will. A perfect play of Jim Kerry lets everybody feel the character inside. The viewer becomes a part of the auditory shown in the film.

The film deals with the issue of the mixture of life and the media. The main line is total immorality. The right to privacy is extremely important in most of societies. Privacy makes it possible to hold unpopular views and seek for somebody who has the same ones. Truman does not have such an opportunity. The director leads his life unassumingly. But is it moral to spy anybody’s life? Is it allowed to make a reality show out of it? The answer is clear. When we see any reality show, we perfectly know that everyone in this show was prevented about his or her role and, thus, about the circumstances. However, Truman Burbank does not even suspect anything. He lives in an artificial world, created especially for him. He is under the shot of 5000 cameras; all the people around him are the actors. He is the main cogwheel of not a reality show, but horror one. The director of a movie cannot understand the misery of such trick. He sees only extremely high ratings and rich sponsors. The Truman Show is a massive act of immorality on screen. What is more scaring, it absorbs not only Truman. The viewers lead unbelievable life: continuous staring at the screen, doing entries, trying to be the part of the show at all hazards.

What is more interesting, Truman’s decision to run away can be also judged as immoral. When abandoning the ship, he perfectly knows what is going on. His selfish decision to follow his own interests can break lots of lives: the actors, who were leading their whole life in this artificial world, the viewers, the investors. He knows these people can commit suicide, go bankrupt, do drugs, or fall into depression. The main character just walks away. However, it is his time to choose. It is the possibility for his right to privacy, finally, to start living his life. Viewers take it and support him. Some of them could see themselves. This hard time to make a choice is the time of reunion. The last episode with two policemen shows that Truman can easily walk out of many lives lie any other character of any reality show. The life could be either moral or immoral but the last decision is for you to make.

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