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Naturopathy is also known as naturopathic medicine which has its origins in Germany in the 19th century (Boons et al, 2004). Currently naturopathy includes other therapies both ancient and modern from other traditions. Naturopathy is used in the cure of several chronic conditions as well as for supporting wellness. Practitioners of neuropathy prefer to use the most natural methods that are usually non invasive. Neuropathic medicine is guided by six key principles.

Promote natures healing power

All practises and procedures in naturopathy are consistent with this procedure. They promote natures healing power (Boons et al, 2004). This is done by considering what practises are consistent with nature. There is limited use of invasive procedures

Do not harm

Naturopathic practitioners carry out procedures and therapies that do not harbour harmful side effects. These practitioners do not suppress symptoms because they believe that this is the body’s way of showing that everything is not okay. According to the naturopathist symptoms are signs that the body is trying to suppress some form of illness.

Treat the whole person

Naturopathists believe that diseases may affect a single part of the body but the effect may be widespread (Boons et al, 2004). Therefore it is important that they approach disease treatment via various avenues. In addition to this they believe that the human health is affected by physical emotional, environmental, genetic and social factors. Methods applied in promoting the well being of a person should therefore encompass all these regions.

Prevention is the best cure

Practitioners also teach methods that seek to prevent occurrence of diseases as they claim prevention is the best cure. Therefore the practitioner takes adequate time to inform the patient on the various practises he/she should carry out to promote healthy practises.

The physician is a teacher

The naturopathist takes it upon himself to inform the patient about the best practises consistent with health promotion (Boons et al, 2004).. Educated patients are able to educate their patients in taking care of their own health.

Folk remedies

This mostly involves the use of herbs and other forms of herb preparation to cure certain specific illnesses. The use of herbs and other preparation was mostly traditional but currently this has involved to incorporate some borrowed medical concepts. The use of herbal medicine has been encouraged with regard to specific illnesses. The remedies can be prescribed by the hearbal medicine practitioner or can be home made. In the case of homemade remedies the practitioner provides recipes and ingredients that can be used regularly at home. In the US use and sale of herbs is regulated just as the sale of food substances. Therefore the practitioner does not face restrictions similar to pharmacists (Larson, 2007). Research has shown that there is increasing demand for these herbs to remedy diverse symptoms for memory problems and menopausal hot flashes. In fact the research suggests that 1 out of 5 adults use these remedies for the same reason. There have been reports of tampered and disguised contents that are sold in the name of the purported herbal remedies. In addition to this some herbs can be dangerous if not used carefully (Rees, 2001). The situation is exacerbated by the fact that a significant portion of users do not inform doctors that they are using alternative medicine. This may aggravate the situation leading to poisoning or medical complexities.


The use and application of non-traditional medicine has been accepted and licensed in different countries. There is fundamental evidence that this type of therapy is effective in promoting health and well being, however, modern medicine is more accepted as the ultimate method of curing and maintaining human well being. This is because it is supported by empirical and scientific knowledge. Non-traditional medicine is not supported by evidence or scientific research. However it is gaining popularity due to its seemingly harmless nature.

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