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Thelma and Louise and the Do the Right Thing

“Thelma & Louise” can be definitely considered one of the films with the most unexpected and memorable endings, so memorable that it is even often referenced or parodied by the script-writers of many other movies. The movie makes one think about that uncombined feeling of sweetness and bitterness that appears in the end. On the […]

Struggle to Be an All-American Girl

Elizabeth Wong’s thesis in her article “The Struggle to be an All-American Girl” capture the various aspects of life in Los Angeles’ Chinatown sufficiently based on the rhetorical choices she made. She is a Chinese woman bred in America in China Town, a place where the cultures of her country of origin prevail significantly. The […]

The Wordy Shipmates

The author Sarah Vowell is a well-known social commentator. Her non-fiction book, “The Wordy Shipmates” is a careful dissection of the 17th and 18th century history of the US. The book was published in the year 2008 to a lot of acclamation and criticism alike. The book is a retrospective analysis on the Puritan colonists […]

Should We Preserve Culture

ME: Welcome to tonight’s highly anticipated talk show. The issue we are due to parley upon is of immeasurable significance. We are to discuss and agree upon whether we should strive hard to preserve our culture or to allow room for critical thinking. On the floor we have extremely brilliant debaters including Antigone, Strepsiades and […]

Christianity and Human Rights

“Christianity and Human Rights” by Nicholas P. Wolterstorff is a representation of the author’s ideas on the interaction of Christian religion and human rights. The connection between these two notions is quite problematic and challenging. The author managed to explain and describe all the complexity of the problem in his own understanding. The book itself […]

Freedom Riders

The film Freedom Riders gives a deep insight into the plight of the segregated “colored” people in the USA.  Apart from apartheid tendencies the federal government made other colossal mistakes in the 1960s such as the aborted attempt at overthrowing Fidel Castro’s regime in the humiliating failure known infamously as the Bay of Pigs invasion. […]

Woody Allen’s ‘Take the Money and Run’

The 1969 movie co-written by Woody Allen and Mickey Rose was about a Virgil Starkwell (acted by Allen himself), who was a ham-fisted criminal that persistently stuck to his lifestyle. The movie covers the plethora of crimes that he committed from stealing a glass pane at a jewelry store to escaping prison. It also takes […]

Michael Sandel’s ‘Justice’

Michael Sandel has been impressing the world with his bold lectures in Harvard for over thirty years now. His sharp mind, insolent but at the same time soft and tolerant remarks concerning various fields of human life make his listeners and readers wonder how highly knowledgeable, understanding and intellectually sensitive this person should be to […]

The Cinema of Attraction

Tom Gunning’s article The Cinema of Attraction: Early Film, Its Spectator and the Avant-Garde defines the notion of the cinema of attraction and traces its development throughout the early stages of cinematography with an emphasis on the separate outstanding films and film-makers who contributed to the development of this genre like Lumiere, Sergei Eisenstein and […]

Borderline Personality Disorder

The 1987 film Fatal Attraction presents a valuable opportunity to visualize a serious mental illness that is commonly known as Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Throughout the analysis of Alex Forrest, one of the film’s protagonists, it will be possible to accurately observe the aforementioned mental health disorder. Furthermore, the film will make it possible to […]

The Human Factor

Discuss/describe the following environments from a Human Factors Workspace Design perspective. Office Environment — First, upon considering the change in the office environment’s dynamics, shifting from isolation to collaboration, it is important to focus on an open office design (one that facilitates rapid interaction between fellow office employees). As well, it is important that the […]

Seld-Hate and Reflections of My Daughter

There are traditional beliefs that members of certain community value very much. These beliefs define how people approach various life situations. They act as the guiding principles of what members of particular society are expected to do. As a result, people around the globe have been able to conform to these traditional beliefs thereby leading […]

Summary of ‘A Framework for Materials Writing’

Brian Tomlinson in his book Materials Development in Language Teaching collected chapters written by different professionals in order to investigate and elaborate the topic that has become a big concern to the English language teachers. “A Framework for Materials Writing” by David Jolly and Rod Bolito is one of the chapters that provide the reader […]

Summary of Chapter ‘Telling Tails’

The aim of the article is to prove the importance of implying new approaches in the English language teaching, particularly in English grammar. While traditional methods of teaching are based on the written sources, a number of corpora of spoken English allow including spoken language patterns in the teaching process and giving a boost to […]

Renaissance Drama and Shakespeare’s Theater

First, what I found surprising about the description that was made is that theater was very rudimentary (as compared to the way it is today). It was equally surprising to find that there was no set decoration, or that women were not allowed to participate in theater at all. For some reason, it is hard […]

Long-Lasting Effects of Violence

Hollywood films abound in violent scenes of different types, and it is inevitable that their influence on society is negatively large. Prince states “movie violence today is an inescapable part of the film business”. Hollywood is not one company and, as well as other film producing companies, they do not care about the content of […]

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