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Evaluating the iPad Mini

One may ask a question, why people still carry their laptops at boardrooms and meetings. Are they better in comparison to the iPad mini? The iPad mini has been launched a few months ago; the debate of creation versus consumption has reappeared to the front positions of topics on podcasts and blogs. In terms of […]

Public-Private Partnership

The article Public-Private Partnership? Shifting Paradigms of Economic Governance in Ontario by Neil Bradford was published in 2003 and addressed a rather topical issue of introducing new forms of public-private partnerships in Canada under two different governments. The author of the article conducts a comparative analysis of the governmental measures taken in the period of […]

The Different

Oprah Winfrey is termed as the world’s most influential woman and a great black philanthropist. Oprah is a producer, an actress, a media proprietor and a talk show host having her television show “Oprah Winfrey Show” aired in most the countries of the world on TV stations. The show has granted her a name “multi-award […]

Dadi’s Family

Watching the “Dadi’s family” we get acquainted with a traditional extended family living in one of the northern states of India. The video is entirely dedicated to explaining the concept of family in traditional Indian understanding of this word, and, specifically to the role of the family’s female members. We learn about the change of […]

Concepts of Listening

According to the text there are two concepts of listening: mindful and mindless listening. Each of them has certain advantages and disadvantages. The first one “occurs when we react to others’ messages automatically and routinely, without much mental investment. Words like “superficial” and “cursory” describe mindless listening better than terms like “ponder” and “contemplate”. The […]


The film “Frida” appeared on the screen in 2002 and since that time has conquered millions of hearts in the world. Primarily thanks to the movie, the name of the Mexican talented painter Frida Kahlo has been revived and sounded with a new force. The scenario of the film “Frida” was based on the book […]

The Film Rear Window

The plot of the film “Rear Window” by Alfred Hitchcock (1954) seems rather simple at the first glimpse. A free-spirit, adventure loving photojournalist gets his leg broken. Being stuck, he is suppressed by the walls at his small stuffing apartment; he has to spend six weeks in a wheelchair. Handicapped, he in unable to perform […]

Film “El Laberinto del Fauno”

A visually stunning and technically impecable film in Catillian Spanish by Guillermo del Toro tells a story of a girl and her family in the setting of the World War II becomes a magical journey for a little girl. It represents a mixture of the opposite genres that create a marvelous effect on the audience. […]

Crime Prevention

Fear became one of the consequences of scientific and technical progress in people’s lives. The humankind is scared that any of the latest scientific achievements can be used against it anytime and anywhere. We see nuclear bombs in the hands of Third World countries; the bacteriological weapon in the hands of fighters, explosive substances in […]

Personnel Administration

Mr. Chaddock never acted with competency or intelligence, although he never said that there is no proper school policy established about that incident. He made a great mistake by assuming that Robert would not harm class members until he is threatened. This shows that Mr. Chaddock was not competent teacher, because of the assumption that […]

‘Lincoln’ Film

Film “Lincoln” is American historical drama, which was produced in 2012. Its main theme is technically based on the last months of Abraham Lincoln the president of United States of America. The film was directed and produced by Steven Spielberg in the comprehensive pictorial representation of political life. The main cast of the drama is […]

Being Black, Living in the Red

Being Black, Living in the Red by Conley provides us with analysis of the already existing wealth racial difference between the blacks and whites in America. The book demonstrates that differences between blacks and white results from economic inequalities accumulating a time progresses in American history. Conley economic oppression to the blacks is demonstrated by […]

The Real Eve

Starting from the earliest years of their existence, people have always been interested in how they appeared and where they come from. The Real Eve: Modern man’s Journey out of Africa introduces a striking theory about human origin — we all come from Africa. With the help of genetic tracking scientists were able to discover […]

The Beatles Anthology

The Beatles’ Anthology is a documentary on the Beatles’ history and their musical career. The Beatles’ Anthology 3 was their final release in 1995 and had a track list of 50 songs. In their last year, the group members were in disagreements with John Lennon most of the time. He was spending most of his […]

The Influence of Friends on Teenage Offending

“The influence of friends on teenage offending: How long does it last?” is an article written by David J. Smith and Russell Ecob published in the tenth volume of the European Journal of Criminology. The article talks about the long-term and short-term effects of influence of friends or peer pressure on teenage delinquency. It discusses […]

Modern World

The modern world is hard to imagine without technological devices that became an integral part of our lives. New technologies are invented all the time, although only some of them significantly impact our lives whilst others disappear from the market without even being noticed. Nevertheless, some inventions can be absolutely innovative in the way they […]

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