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The Role of Job Analysis

Job analysis refers to the process of recording and describing certain aspects of a job and other requirements and skills specifications that are necessary for the performance of that job (Paynes, 2009). This review is pertinent in the hiring of competent and best employee quality into the organization. More specifically, the coca cola company uses […]

Human Trafficking Documentary

What role does gender play in the artifact? Human trafficking in the documentary is basically based on the female sex slaves. According to the documentary, the human traffickers traded the women to be used for prostitution business in foreign countries. Turkey being the major hub of the trade, the naïve women from Ukraine and Moldova […]

A Film Review of Gran Torino

1. Gran Torino is an action drama produced and directed by the legendary Clint Eastwood who plays the major role of a retired Korean War veteran marred by the anguish of losing his wife. He is depicted as a very embittered character owing to the changes brought about by the loss of his wife. What […]


The movie Helvetica is a graphic design movie that is displays typography images of the best world-known brand names and other common street typographies that extensively use the font Helvetica. International trade labels and brand names such as Coke, Be Part of FIFA World Cup in Berlin, Started in die Nacht, Ausfahrt, Berlin, and Panasonic […]

The Zodiac Killer

The  Zodiac  Killer was a  killer who lived and did his operations in Northern  California from the 1960s to the 1970s. The real identity of the killer is still unknown up to now. It is not known when he was born and where he was born. However, the  Zodiac killer got his name as  Zodiac […]

Social Well Being

The social well-being of a group takes into consideration of the dynamics and structural flaws in the society. The two platforms are based on social amenities and the most basic human needs, and sometimes the most relevant secondary needs. At some point recreation also is included to determine how well the community is developed. The […]

Community Problem Solving Paper

Introduction This paper will briefly present a specific problem that was solved by community policing solved through a law enforcement initiative in Anaheim area of California. Just last year, 2010, our neighborhood Anaheim experienced a tremendous problem with robbers preying on small apartments in the community. People were shot, stabbed or robbed on a daily […]

Miracle of Life

Miracle of life is a movie that was first aired on December, 15 in the year 1983. It takes the viewer through the process in which human reproduction occurs from conception to birth. This work is based on the knowledge of the Swedish photographer and researcher, Lennart Nilsson. The photographer uses special microscopic photographic techniques […]

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