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Titanic movie was created in 1997. The movie has included many themes, and one of them is romance and love. It is a disaster film since it includes the sinking of the biggest ship Titanic. The editor of the movie is James Cameron. The movie has many characters that play different parts in the story and make it interesting to the viewers. The characters involved in the story wear different types of costumes, which have different meaning. Some of the costumes describe professions and others signify the social class of a man/woman.

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Overview of the Story

The movie is told by an old lady. The lady claims to be one of the witnesses of the tragedy, who managed to survive. Different well-known actors play in the movie, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, known as Jack Dawson, and Kate Winslet, known as Rose DeWitt Bukater, among others (Welkos: 12). At the time when they met, Rose was engaged and was preparing to marry Caledon Nathan “Cal” Hockley, but she was unhappy and not willing to get married. Jack, a poor artist, who enjoys drawing, gets out and sees Rose, who is one of the upper-class snobs.

Time passes and they both fell in love and kissed at the bow of Titanic. When they are kissing, the iceberg hits the ship and damages the stern and makes it allow water inside. Jack is accused of stealing and is arrested. Rose’s fiancé frames the young man because he kissed Rose, who was about to get married to him. Jack is chained at the lower level of the ship when water starts entering inside.

Rose decides to rescue him, and they managed to leave the lower level when water is almost covering the whole flow. Jack comes out and they go to rescuing other people, who are struggling to come out. The love, which they had for each other, made them wait. There is no place for them in the boats, and they find flotsam to stay on the surface. Finally, Jack dies because of extreme coldness, and Rose is rescued by a ship (Titanic: 26).

Titanic Movie Review Essay

Time Period

Immediately after the tragedy, many movie-making companies produced movies about the events of the tragedy, back in 1912. The produced movies were primitive, hence, they did not attract a lot of audiences, and this made many people look for other options. In 1929, British International Pictures shot two versions of the tragic events, one without sound and the other with sound. The search did not stop, and many Production Companies were looking for strategies for improving the movie and the story. From the time, many companies, including Hollywood Germany Production Company, improved the movie further bringing up new versions, which were more advanced. The movie was completed in 1996 and broadcasted on television. The computer was used to edit and made it have a sympathetic effect on the audience. The movies were re-broadcasted again in 1998 (Welkos: 35).

General Costumes

The actors, in the movie, wear different costumes, which signify different notions and elements of that time. People are wearing different types of cloths, which identify their social class or their profession, or some important events. On different occasions, like on the wedding ceremony, a those-time woman wore jewelry and a special dress, which made her stand out against a background of guests. People did not cut their hair they put it long and wore different suits. Most clothes were rather free, for example, Rose did not wear tight-fitting dresses, all of them were modest, however, luxurious ones. This attracted Jack and made him fall in love with the girl. In this time, decent women did not wear tight clothes, as this was considered to be an outrageous get-up. The style of that time has a difference from the modern styles (Titanic: 23).

Accuracy of Costumes to History

The clothes and jewelry, worn by Rose, symbolized the good background and reputation the girl had. During the party, a young woman wore were shinny and beautiful dress, and it symbolized that she had to attract the man, whom she was going to marry. Historically, during any celebration ladies had to be well-dressed, and the number of jewelry they wore demonstrated a financial position of her family (Welkos: 34).

Influences of the Time/World on Costume of the Era

The costumes, used in the movie, were common for people of the age. A movie was very popular at the end of the 20 century, and it shaped the tastes and preferences of the age. A lot of people preferred to buy and wear clothes, which Rose and Jack wore in the movie. On wedding occasions, ladies prefer to wear free long cloths, they also put on jewelry to beatify them, just like Rose did. The evolution and advancement in technology have made people change the style of dressing; with time, people began to wear tight clothes; for example, ladies prefer tight clothes to demonstrate their figure to attract men.


On the sketch (see Appendix 1), the dress is free and does not show the figure of a young woman completely, as the modern dresses do. The dress is red with white dots. The dress looks very attractive and demonstrates the background and social status of Rose. The colors are rich and match each other. People of that time avoided color crashing. The dress is shinny and this attracts the audience and men can admire the girl’s beauty (Titanic: 19).

Titanic Summary Essay

The movie teaches people many lessons about love, it also demonstrates the change in dressing mode. The clothes, worn by actors in the movie, reflect the trends of that era and demonstrates a person’s background and financial position.

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