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Sweden’s New Gender-Pronoun: Hen, A Country Tries to Banish Gender

The article “Sweden’s New Gender-Pronoun: Hen, A Country Tries to Banish Gender” written by Nathalie Rothschild is a topical and in-depth composition. It explores the theme of gender equality, particularly gender-neutrality. The author provides an accurate and precise information about the changes which were brought about in order to erase borders between the genders.

Nathalie Rothschild Article Analysis Example

The article focuses on the radical measures which were aimed to convert Sweden into a gender-neutral country. The government and society intend to blur the distinction between the men and women, if not to wipe them out at all. In fulfilling the task unisex names are allowed and accepted, the distinction of toys for separate genders gradually disappears and unisex clothes are rapidly designed. According to the writer, the milestone was passed when a new personal pronoun “hen” was introduced (Rothschild).

Nowadays, the word is used to describe a person, irrespectively of gender. It has been already added into the online version of National Encyclopedia. This novelty produced a noticeable effect on the Swedish society, which was divided into two parts: the supporters and the opponents. The followers elaborate new books for children, which change the idea of gender in its usual understanding. Those who are against of the innovation mention that it is able to change the child’s basic understanding of the gender’s differentiations and peculiarities. Nevertheless, despite the differences in opinions, the government continues to support and fund a new, gender neutral way of children’s education.

Swedish Gender Neutral Pronoun

The main purpose of the article is to inform a reader with factual material. The topic is provided by straightforward and instructive examples, which are very helpful in understanding the problem under discussion. Moreover, the material which has been presented in the article is thoroughly convincing and exact. The author starts from the brief introduction of Sweden as “the most gender-equal country in the world” (Rothschild).

The main body consists of the evidences which prove the rightness of the question and evaluates the main topic which was stated in the title by the author – the introduction of a new personal pronoun “hen” into the vocabulary of common Swedish people. In the final part of the article Nathalie Rothschild jumps to the logical conclusion: with the best intentions parents try to scrutinize children’s life not leaving them any chance to make their own choices and decisions.

In addition to the informative purpose of the article, it also persuades the reader in the topicality of the information with appeal to reason. The topic is carefully analyzed and provides the reader with the abundant evidences. The text is logic and presents contrary evidence, the core subject of which is the argument between the opponents and followers of the innovation. The author does not express any emotions concerning the subject, which makes the article an objective and unbiased piece of writing.

The material provided in the article is intended on the wide range of the audience. Because of the fact, that the text is constructed in a comprehensible and persuasive manner, it makes serious and thought-provoking reading. Despite of the fact that extensive evidences are put into the context, it remains fascinating and easy-to-read article. The intended audience most likely consists of the readers who are not well informed in the topic, or are not informed at all. As the material is organized in a meticulously detailed way, it is a comprehensible reading for both prepared and unprepared reader.

Sweden Gender Neutral Society

The subject matter of the “Sweden’s New Gender-Pronoun: Hen, A Country Tries to Banish Gender” is of the current interest. However, its central theme – the inclusion of the article “hen” into the Swedish vocabulary cannot be considered as the latest piece of news. The following conclusion is taken from the time expressing constructions used in the text: “Earlier this month, the movement for gender neutrality reached a milestone: just days after International Women’s Day a new pronoun, hen was added to the online version of the country’s National Encyclopedia”. Taken into consideration the date of publishing the article – April 11, 2012 and the time determiners “earlier this month”, “just days after International Women’s Day”, the reader can draw the above stated conclusion.

Generally speaking, the article “Sweden’s New Gender-Pronoun: Hen, A Country Tries to Banish Gender” written by Nathalie Rothschild is a cognitive writing as it provides the precise description of the question and attracts the attention of the reader by gradually emerging him/her into the discussed topic. Moreover, as an article, it fulfills its main function – informative.

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