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Every event in our life has a certain basis. A choice of the future career cannot go without some exterior influences as well. In my case, I decided to go in for medicine for a number of reasons, the strongest of which was family dedication to medicine and nursing.

Since my mother was an owner of a nursing home, I never missed a chance to pay a visit to it and have a look at the place where she worked.  The primary object of my admiration was the pride coming from the nurses working there. The perfection and neatness of their uniforms was a proof of their attitude to the work they were doing and to the people they were helping. My main idol to adore was my mother – always dedicated to her work and willing to help people in need.

I believe I made a right choice when I commenced my nursing career. During the past years I have learnt a lot, as well as taught the others.  My working experience includes 12 years of nursing. I worked 5 years as a travel nurse, which is one of my major strengths. While going around the country, I met a lot of new people, worked for different employers and managed to find the golden mean in communication with all the people surrounding me. This experience allowed me to grow professionally, as I had a chance to learn from the top notch professionals in the area from all over the country.

I suppose one of the key aims of my life is helping other people. Social status, origin or ethnicity does not matter to me at all. The main thing is helping other people and preventing illnesses and suffering. I believe I have already become an expert in the nursing filed. In order to teach the others professionally, I need to obtain a Master’s degree in Family Health. I think I have all the required skills and qualifications to do this, and I deserve it indeed. In the past years my life was fully dedicated to helping other people in all the ways possible, as nursing is a multi-aspect kind of help to the people. Real nurse has to be able to help people physically, as this is one of the prime tasks, and also morally, providing psychological support. This may seem to be not as important as the first aspect, but it happens to be the first thing patients are expecting to get from the nurse. Doctors usually only treat them, and the nurses become the real supporters in the hard times of the recoveries etc.

Besides, I feel that my Master’s degree will not only allow me to teach the others how to help people, but also would bring me to the next level of my professional career. As we have a lot of people suffering from the lack of the basics, including medical insurance, I believe helping out such people can be a very good goal to go for. Allpeople should have equal rights in getting medical aid, and nobody should be deprived of these rights. This is what I am going to bring to my future students, and I suppose I would have a lot of support and understanding from the people around.

Helping other people was appreciated and approved in all times. I am not looking for appreciation or gratitude, but the fact that I helped at least one person would be of much greater pleasure for me than the financial remuneration. I hope my future students would catch and pass my ideas to the future generations, so that the world would always have nurses to care about the others.

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