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Active and Passive Voice

Active and passive voice are grammatical devices employed in communication. The active voice is largely considered preferable to the passive, although the latter may be desirable in certain instances. These include when one wants to emphasize the actor’s action when tactically avoiding to name the actor, or when the actor is unimportant or unknown (The Writing Center University of Wisconsin- Madison, 2020). The below narrative employs the use of both voices to demonstrate their applicability.

Bad Prank Example

I want to narrate the experience my friend had on the Fool’s Day, April 1st. He received a distress text from one of his family members who urgently requested for some cash. Oblivious of the specifics of the day and its traditions, he sent the required amount. What followed next got him blurting all the curse words he could think of, and he almost banged his head on the nearby wall. A call was made to him, and the caller was hysterically laughing at how they had successfully pranked him.

Inspired by his misfortune, he decided to try a prank of his own on his sister; however, it turned tragic. He composed a text pretending to be an unknown Good Samaritan informing the recipient that the phone owner had been involved in a fatal accident. He had hoped that his somber and anxious sister would have called back so that he could declare the prank and laugh at her. Unfortunately, she became extraordinarily emotional and wailed uncontrollably, telling all that cared to listen that her brother was no more.

The prank had backfired, and he felt guilty. He did not enjoy it at all and later on, received a harsh lecture from his parents about how despicable his innocent attempt at a prank was. He swore never to partake in pranks again and set a reminder for every April 1st to avoid being pranked himself.

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