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Maybe it was my craziest decision to go through the Basic Combat Training (Boot or Basic as experienced call it) but no way — it was done. At first, I even had no idea what to expect from it. Despite, all my fears it was not as terrible as most of the female think.

Before going to the basic training, I faced the first challenge— what to do with my hair. Nevertheless, it is not forbidden to have long hair (there are no limitations for the hair length) I decided to cut them off. The only problem was color — it is impossible to have any other except natural color. Thus, I needed to return to my hair natural color.

The basic training contained three main phases: red, blue and white. The first one was the most boring for me. Most of our time we spent in the classroom: studying different theoretical aspects is not pleasant occupation but very important for the further being in the army. Our tutors — the drill sergeants — paid attention to marching and behaving during the ceremonies, taught us how to eat fast, got to know who my chain of command was. In effect they taught us the main regulations used in the army.

During the second, blue phase, I got accustomed to shooting. This time I succeeded: I got 34 points out of 40 possible. I felt myself proud of this. Even our drill sergeant complemented me for shooting. I felt myself much better — it was like compensation for unsuccessful running: I was enlisted just to the middle Bravo group. While passing physical training test I was too nervous and forgot about breathing technique so I did not manage to show my abilities fully.

The third part of the Basic Combat Training was the most interesting for me. We were training for about a week in the field. Here we were to use all the knowledge we got during first two phases. Due to my experience in scouting, I was appointed platoon guide during forest missions at night.

Going through the nine-week Basic Combat Training it is not just physical and shooting training. It is survival school where you learn many things necessary in your future life even if you will not stay in the army. My first lesson was discipline. It was hard for me not to talk back if drill sergeants behaved rude and unjustified to my mind. Nevertheless, I understood that subordination is the fundament of the whole army in order to ensure its functioning. Sometimes it would be hard for me if decisions were not made for me, but this just in the training camps.

Another thing, which I used to practice, was going to the church on Sundays. The reason of this was more practical — those cadets who stayed were cleaning the barracks. You are to value your free time through the basic training — if we had a few minutes, we were reading the book, given to us at the beginning of it. You need to use your time productively.

I understood what it means responsibility. Once, being on duty I fell asleep. Drill sergeant came surprisingly and saw me. As a result I was punished, but it was for the first time I wasn’t disturbed. The worst was that punishment of mine was not individual — entire platoon was punished. I understood that being on the post it is liability first and foremost for the health and live of your sleeping colleagues.

It is not a problem to continue list of lessons, which I got going through basic training but there is no need. I started to use the Army values (Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honour, Integrity, and Personal Courage) in my ordinariness. Changing of a common civilian to soldier requires many elements: work, personal courage, and, for sure, dedication. The best thing, which I got during the training, it is feeling of self-perfection and consciousness of making opposite things to most of the civilians in my state.

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