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There are three modes of listening, as explained by Michel Chion. They include causal listening, semantic listening, and reduced listening. The casual mode of listening is the most common method of sound audition. In this mode, sounds are used for the sole aim of gathering information. The referent aids in supplying the sound meaning. More so, the knowledge of events in which a particular sound is uttered plays great role in dissemination of sound meaning.

Casual sound takes place in different levels. For sound to be rendered meaningful, we must at least have some background to know how the sound has been produced. For example, we can recognize the sound of as a man as being powerful and deep. Thus, the meaning is given to the male sound in reference to its deep tone. Casual history can also help in sculpture our sound knowledge and interpretation.

Semantic sound pattern involves giving a meaning to a sound and verbal data. In semantics, all the phonological aspects of an utterance are put into consideration. Thus when sound and phonemes are produced they contribute to a given meaning. However, the knowledge of casual sounds and referent also help to shape the message and meaning of phonemes in semantics.

The reduced sound pattern is rather unique in nature. This sound pattern gives more attention to the sound as opposed to the sound producer. The reduced sound pattern puts more weight on the words making meaning on their own. Hence, the reduced phenomenon is opposed to the combined of other factors such as the referent. Therefore, the meaning is given in isolation to avoid the ambiguity.

Ambiguity may be caused by such factors as similarity in sound while meaning is different, for example, in the production of words “son” and “sun”. These two words may create ambiguity as they have similar manner of production but different semantic meaning. This hence gives more weight to the reduced factor of sound where the word is more prominent than the sound and its producer. However, the reduced sound pattern calls for a rehearsal of sorts to be able to decipher the meaning from a given sound pattern.

Although the word is important in the reduced mode of listening, scholars have emphasized that the referent can contribute to the overall understanding and interpretation of a sound pattern. Continuity in listening also shapes meaning while helping the linguist, the speaker or hearer to be more conversant with given sound patterns. Sound helps us to interpret the message thus learning its source is paramount to the structure and meaning.

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