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Many trucks have been manufactured in the world and available for sale in the global market. Manufacturing of cars is considered as a lucrative activity geared towards equitable marketing. Car safety is one of the notions that are considered by many manufacturers. Apart from car safety and easiness of use, many clients in the market will go for comfort, effectiveness, and efficiency of a car before they make purchases. Nonetheless, all these factors are some of the fundamental considerations made by many manufacturing companies in the world. One of the innate examples is Dodge Trucks. In order to stay competent and sustainable in the market, Dodge Trucks Company has involved a number of strategic approaches in the manufacture of trucks, which are available in many markets globally. Nonetheless, this paper evaluates the effectiveness of Dodge Trucks in the market basing on the comparative perceptions of other manufactures’ products.

Dodge Trucks are pickup trucks that are manufactured by different manufactures in the market. Some of the manufacturers are Chrysler manufacture centre. Chrysler is a common manufacturing base that manufactures Dodge Trucks. The manufacturing centre has been in existence since the truck brand and model was first discovered in the market. In order to yield all the perceptions and specifications in the market, Dodge Trucks manufacturers endeavoured to manufacture pickup trucks that are designed for a number of specific uses by clients. Dodge Trucks have won a number of awards in the global market. Some of the brands include the Ram Truck that won awards in 1994.

In the United States of America, a number of different enterprises assemble the truck for market. Some of the assembling centres include Warren Truck Assembly in the United States of America. The assembly centres work at fixing different appearances and branding options to the truck in order to meet the tastes and preferences of customers in the market. However, Dodge Trucks have some disadvantages that are evident after a long use of the


Dodge Trucks have unique appearances unlike other cars in the market. Dodge Trucks are mainly pickup models. There are many of the trucks in the US motor vehicle markets. Nonetheless, the appearance of the truck is not something to bother many clients as they take into consideration their options when purchasing the truck. Initially, the brand appeared as a pickup with an expanse in wheel section. Nonetheless, this appearance does not meet the taste and preferences of many clients in the market. With a continued use, one is likely to get overshadowing perceptions since the truck’s shape and appearances are not suitable to many circumstances. Customers will always go for trucks that have shape and appearances of their choice. Very few people choose Dodge Trucks because of their insufficient appearance.

The shape of Dodge Trucks fixes its capacity to operate in different terrains. Nonetheless, the truck appears imbalanced under high speed. With the wheels fitted to counter toppling situations, the weight of the car appears to be on its sides. From an outlook, one would guess and know that Dodge Trucks have fewer chances of avoiding toppling in the case that it makes turns under high speeds. Its height is limited and hence does not have to carry high loads. Many customers prefer cars or trucks that appear stable under any circumstances. For instance, many trucks from the Mercedes Company are stable in their appearances. Under high speeds, a car can make sharp turns and set corners without fear of losing its balance.

The mobility of the truck is suitable in many circumstances. Dodge Trucks have been fitted with high speed limits. The mobility of the vehicle is lucrative because they are pickups without much weight from its rear view. Nonetheless, the redundancy of resonance lacks within these trucks. The trucks cannot be compared with the Mercedes trucks when it comes to mobility on the road. Customers in the market consider the need to have a truck that is equitable to mobility challenges. For instance, the truck can operate in different terrains like rough roads. Nonetheless, its suitability to a tarmac appears under sheer doubts. In order to fit the need for increased mobility, many users of the truck would consider lifting or raising the car in order to fit different mobility requirements.

Dodge Trucks are resilient to use. It is as if the trucks were designed for heavy-duty performances. For instance, the Ram brand is suitable for use in different circumstances as farm use and transportation. Nonetheless, substituting the car to other roles is not equitable. Resiliency is a necessary facet when it comes to purchase of trucks for long use. Without resiliency, heavy-duty vehicles will not last in the market. In order to consider resiliency within Dodge Trucks, many manufacturers would use heavy materials that enable the truck to last for long and resist easy damages in case of crushes or brushes. Nonetheless, Dodge Trucks do not prove to be resilient. The design of the vehicle is for heavy commercial purposes and not for pleasure. With heavy commercial purposes, the truck is liable to cleavage or destruction.

Dodge Trucks are good in consuming fuel. Many of the brands from this company use diesel since they are designed for heavy purposes. For instance, the trucks are good when used to transport light farm equipment products and materials. Nonetheless, such activities come with heavy rate of fuel consumption by the vehicle. Many clients looking for trucks would take the rate of consumption as one of the fundamental considerations before making any order. Dodge Trucks have heavy engines that need equitable consumption of fuel in order to work effectively. Use of the trucks for commercial purposes is effective and efficient. Nonetheless, they are frightfully expensive when it comes to the rate at which the vehicle consumes fuel and other maintenance activities.

Dodge Trucks are expensive in the market. The cost of manufacturing the vehicle is considered as one of the foremost reasons that make the trucks terribly expensive in the market. The pricing of the vehicle is moderated by its manufacturing details including the quality of the materials and efficiency of the truck. Moreover, the company manufacturing Dodge Trucks considers the immediate need of the trucks by clients in the market. In order to meet all the requirements placed on the truck, manufacturers fix extraordinarily high price of the truck. The trucks become expensive in acquiring its services.

Maintenance is another facet that takes the expense of the vehicle extremely high. In order to meet all the requirements, Dodge Trucks require equitable maintenance. The rate at which the vehicle meets its expenses does not coincide well with the tastes and preferences of many clients in the market. After a long use, Dodge Trucks require maintenance and repair services. These services are expensive because these vehicles come in different brands so often. Acquiring spare parts and other requirements are expensive. Moreover, it is hugely expensive to commit the vehicle into long-term use without safety. The expensive nature of the vehicle makes its lucrative and hard for many clients to afford.

Economic Considerations

The Dodge Trucks appear to be an expensive purchase in the market. The economic considerations for Dodge Trucks are built on the base of their effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity after purchasing them. They are not economically beneficial as many clients in the market require them to be. For instance, trucks’ rate of fuel consumption does not match with tight economic schedules. Clients who look forward to making equitable economies while using the truck will not find it easy to stick to their economic mainstreams. For instance, a continued use of the truck requires equitable consideration of the fact that enough resources and materials ought to be used on the truck. Moreover, the rate of spending in terms of maintenance and replacement of various parts of the vehicle is expensive to many clients.

With continued use of Dodge Trucks, one would realize that they fit only commercial use. If one intends to use the truck for leisure and adventure activities, it will be better to take other model of the car. Dodge Trucks are good for farm use and other commercial purposes in the market. If a person wants to transport materials like construction equipment, it will be better to use the Dodge Truck since it fits such chores. Nonetheless, many users of the truck have voiced their responses as regards the state of using the truck in the field. Many people like the truck because it fits to implement and maintain commercial services. However, some of them have complained over the expense incurred while maintaining and using the truck.

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