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Morals shape our interactions and involvements with each other. It is of paramount importance that we all uphold our moral standings for our overall good. Therefore, morals are lessons learned from incidents and occurrences in our day—to-day interactions. These can greatly influence on who we are and our looks at things from that point. It is important for all people to take into account the things happening around, so as to learn as much as possible. This keeps us away from any issues that may affect us and the surrounding negatively and also embrace those that bring fortune.

Numerous moral theories have been floated throughout the years and are still in development. These are schools of thought that lend guidance to the right moral paths thatall of us should take. A satisfactory moral theory should first and foremost be sensitive to the delicate human nature (Harris2). Human beings are delicate in nature and they require a lot of respect in terms of their position in the scheme of things. It is wise to refer human beings as the most developed species with unparallel intelligence.

As human beings, we have to embrace the fact that we may be the most developed of all species but we cannot live alone. We require all the other plants and animals to exist to make our living possible and comfortable. We have needs, plans and hopes which other species lack. Due to the high intelligence of humans, we have the capacity to become rational (Harris, 6). This means that as humans we can make decisions and have the reasons for engaging in particular activities. Such decisions assist us in satisfying. Any foreseen reason that a particular activity will have negative results leads us to avoid doing it. Humans also have the capacity to repeat consistent activities in the quest to have particular outcomes. A good deed with good returns will be further repeated; although, this can be changed to bring unfavorable reviews.

Some of the unflavored views would be found in the division of recourses’ in favor of a certain race. This is wrong since it sets to bring about divisions in people based on their color. It becomes an offense against morality since it is basically an offense against basic reasoning (Nietszche, 9). Some people may also seek out to divide people between other favored and disfavored lines. This may include sexism, egoism and even nationalism. Basic reasoning can have a lot of influence on human beings. As much as we have evolved as humans, we all live together and need the company of each other to assist in enjoying our lives. Thus, we all fit into a particular theory. To successfully live in peace as a society there is need for all to follow and adhere to the rules set. The fact that we all look out for each other also contributes to the overall moral standing. Human beings also have the power of choosing what they want and what they do not want. This can be used to either choose to do good or evil. Thus morally it is the responsibility of each human being to make sound judgments and decisions. The society will judge these by good or bad depending in whether they choose to do that which is positive or negative. This brings into context the issue of freedom. All human beings require having the freedom to engage in that which they consider favorable to them (Arthur, 4). A good deed is also repaid by a good deed, thus if one is friendly and kind, the society will be friendly and kind to them too. One who respects and treats others well will get the same in return.

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