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Leaders are created naturally and there is no formal education that can create a leader. Natural leaders usually have a vision and they work their way out to achieve their visions. They inspire the teams, individuals and every aspect which may be fundamental in the achievement of their dreams. They are result oriented and set very high targets on their missions and visions and use their natural capabilities and talents to drive their dreams into reality. They are charismatic and sometimes very serious on their objectives and believe in success. For somebody to become a natural leader, he or she should understand his abilities, talents, skills, weakness and strongholds. Experience establishes past success and failures and natural leader follow the direct routes to previous success and attempt to correct their past mistakes therefore bringing in excellent results.

Then one should use them to evaluate what the qualities are able to achieve but the margin should be put on the upper limit. Focusing on the goals and strength holds is the only way a leader can achieve his or her targets. You cannot be effective by just undergoing formal leadership classes. This is because the realities of social life are dynamic and different social and job settings require that leadership be dynamic. Class work would on concentrate on the ideal traits of leadership but in reality it might be quite different. Effective natural leaders understand continue to learn as they grow in their positions in order to meet new standards and higher targets and in so doing gain a lot of experience in handling of specific issues on their field. Natural leader appreciates talents and other competencies and use them to fill their blanks. They associate themselves with those they perceive to be the best and use them to gain knowledge and experience and in the final run they become all round excellent.

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