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Appearance vs. Reality is a lovely concept that many Hollywood directors have used for so long to make the very movies that exist today. When a thing appears a certain way to us, but in fact it is something different, and the outcome keeps us wondering how it would have possibly happened that way. Appearance is not only deceptive; it does not make much sense when it is taken in its level. To arrive to what is real, is to produce an account of facts that serves full justice. In general, the mere appearance is known as temporary, internal and subjective.  The thing that is “real” is also seen as eternal, external and objective. This paper will candidly look at the issue of appearances verse reality as seen through various dramas such as Ordinary People among others and the way it impacts the society in which we operate.A bright example of the essay’s theme is one of the most outstanding Shakespeare’s plays Hamlet, where the young Danish prince has to find the obstacles of his father’s death. The protagonist’s uncle Claudius gets married to his mother, Queen Gertrude, and becomes a king. It is found out that the real murderer of Hamlet’s father is the newly king. The underlying theme of this Shakespeare’s masterpiece is appearance versus reality. The play’s events seems to be honest and true, but, if fact, they are veiled by evil. The personages are though phony from inside.One more reflection of the analyzed theme is the plot of Ernest Thompson’s play On the Golden Pond. The story goes around the elderly couple of Ethel and Norman Thayer, which traditionally spend their each summer at the own home on Golden Pond. While Thayers’ ordinary lake vacation their daughter Chelsea with her fiancé and his son visits them. This Thompson’s work shows the relationship the daughter has had with the father while growing up, and the issues met by a long time ago married couple. Apparently, they  both look like worn out from outside, but in the reality, Ethel and Norman have a more romantic relationship comparably to young couple’s which enjoy the company of each other.The issue of appearance versus reality is also evident in the drama film Ordinary People, which stars famous Hollywood actors such as Donald Sutherland, Judd Hirsch and Mary Moore among others. In this film, a clear portrait of how well-to-do families can be able to hide the turmoil they face, to keep up their appearance from the public is clear. The interaction between Calvin and Beth, as well as their “friends”, indicates how everything around this family. Further, besides the many obvious changes, which occur within the family of Jarrett, one can see moments of experiences where certain character traits emerge and demonstrates how human changes in nature. For instance, Calvin realized that, he is many times desensitized to suffering, thus takes a detached attitude to maintain his appearance to the public (Ebert 1980). Appearance vs. reality is, therefore, one aspect of life movie directors and authors have to deal with quite often to bring out the desired outcome of an intended result. Lots of decisions are explained and justified by the resulting appearance and not, by the impacting reality. Most people truly do not leave home before considering how their physical appearance influences the way others view them. For example, the cosmetic surgeries are making billions and billions of money each day. It is now clear that, reality influences appearance, though looks are not always deceiving. Many at times we think that appearances are driven by reality, but sometimes those dictate reality over time, and the concepts essentially collapse in the first place (Samaha 2011). 

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