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Occupational therapy is a profession where the professional aims at helping people improve on the capability to perform tasks in everyday life and create safe environments. With the assistance of an occupational therapist patients are able to construct satisfied, independent and productive lives. Both children and adults get an opportunity to develop health conditions that largely affect their ability to manage their daily lives. This will enhance quality health care services to the people hence quality living standards.

I have had the opportunity to work in an occupational therapy office (name of the occupational therapy center). This was my first exposure to occupational therapy, and it was a thrilling experience. I was marveled to get access to the information the occupational therapists need in order to provide high quality services. It was this particular experience that has motivated me to become a part of the occupation therapy profession. Through occupational therapy, individuals can achieve a high level of independence if a person’s capability is compromised. Solutions and alternatives can be offered to patients to carry their daily activities successfully.

Helping people especially those who have lost their ability to function normally has always been my passion. Disability can rob someone of the ability to carry out normal physical activities. It is disheartening to see someone struggle every day. Therefore, I know if I become an occupational therapist, one life, somewhere, will become easier and safer with my help. Nothing in the world can give me such satisfaction as the understanding of the fact that I have made someone’s life easier. I strive to advance my career improving my skills and expertise to be able to assist those in need. This has been my first priority so that to assist those people who really need health care help.

I possess good communication skills being an open and friendly person. I love communicating and interacting with people. I strongly believe that this will be of great help as I will be able to communicate with patients on a one on one basis. Due to these skills patients’ plights will be heard, the needed attention will be offered, and they will be helped accordingly. I have always had the ability to empathize with others. I am sure that when you put yourself in someone else’s shoes you will definitely understand how important it is to them. Understanding of patients is a fundamental part of providing high quality assistance. Thus I am convinced that my personal qualities will help me offer the needed assistance and support to my patients. Additionally, problem solving is my area of expertise. I do not leave a stone unturned, and when faced with a challenge, I do whatever I can to solve the problem. This quality has been helping me throughout life and it won’t disappoint me when I will become a professional in the occupational therapy field.

I am willing to learn, and with occupation therapy, new information comes up every day. For the benefit of my future patients I am inspired to learn and to train. My passion is to research and discover new things about the area of my interest occupation therapy topping the list. Lastly, I am a team player and can work well and effectively under pressure. I will time keeping so that anything I do is on time.

It will be an honor to join your occupational therapy program; I have always wanted to make a career in health care. Human body is an intriguing subject. It is complex yet it performs even the simplest tasks, and mostly people take the simple things such as walking, tying shoes and even operating a machine for granted. Due to the fact that I understand that these simple things are not to be taken for granted, I will dedicate my time to help those who have lost the ability to perform even such easy activities. Your positive response will be highly appreciated.

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