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Nintendo is a multinational consumer electronics company that has its parent plant in Japan, in the city of Kyoto. According to recent statistics, the company is the largest gaming company in the industry in revenue collections. The company came into existence in 1889, with the founder, Mr. Fusajiro Yamauchi, initially opting to produce handmade cards. Before settling on the gaming option, the company had tried on a number of business ventures such as a love hotel or a cab company (Sutherland 102).

After the failure of different ventures of business, Nintendo Company settled on the gaming industry, specializing in the Video game industry, a move that elevated the company into one of the successful companies in the gaming industry, both in Japan and in the whole world. The company has recently engaged itself in a number of campaigns aimed at defining and positioning the brand of the company in the world gaming industry. The slogans of the company have been one of the strongest pillars towards selling of the company’s product to electronic consumers (Jung 53).

Nintendo Company has officials in all continents. This is a way of monitoring the performance of the company in all market segments where the company sells its consumer products. The company is famous for its policy on emulation of one’s video products, as well as gaming products. Emulation is the biggest threat to producers and developers of video games. The company also has regulations for the contents of its video games. For instance, the company does not allow the inclusion of sexual content. According to the management, if the company allowed the presence of pornographic content in their games, it would degrade the company and its image, which would affect the perception of consumers (Jones and Thiruvathukal 67).

In conclusion, Nintendo remains one of the most competitive electronics and gaming companies in Europe and the USA. Its stand towards production of quality gaming products, and production of non-sexual games will remain its key competitive edge over other competitors in the industry.

Super Mario Bros 2

This is one of the consumer products from the Nintendo Company, which is the advancement of the game Super Mario, which came into existence in existence in 1985. The game initially started as a demonstration for a vertically scrolling cooperative action game. However, the company scrapped it away for a number of reasons such as technical limitation of the NES hardware. After the release of Super Mario 2, the game became successful commercially, receiving a positive reception from consumers across the globe, including Japan. Super Mario 2 became the third highest selling game from the Nintendo Company, with the company selling approximately ten million copies to the public from all parts of the world.

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