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Internet and Social networking has become very important and common in most urban families in the whole world. Many families have been caught up in a very bad if not worse situation. This is because many family members have embraced the internet and social networking such as Facebook, Twitter and others. Many have failed to discharge their duties. Parents have neglected their children, spouses; children have failed to do their school work. This has become a problem in work places, where employees are reported to be spending too much time in the internet. Nevertheless, it is worth to note that internet and social net working are not as bad as mentioned above. It has made it pretty easy to communicate with people all over the world. Internet, for instance, has made school work very easy. Research can be done in the internet without necessarily going to the library.

The effects of internet and social network mentioned above have really struck my family. My country of origin is Kuwait. This is a county deep rooted in Islam. Like most other Islamic countries, Kuwait is a respecter of the Islam culture. It, therefore, goes without saying that my parents are staunch Muslims and strongly follow and emulate the Islam culture.

My family comprises of six members: my parents and four children. Years before the introduction of Facebook and Twitter, we used to rely on the television, newspapers and magazines as our key source of information and entertainment. This has abruptly changed since the introduction of social networking sites. Before going further, it is worth mentioning that social network greatly reduced conflicts in my family, since most of us were fighting on the control of the television. Initially, we could meet at the living room to get news updates and watch our favorite programs. Unlike the men in the reading who used to find out from newspapers what was in the TV channels so that they could choose what to listen to, my father never this. It seemed that we had a common interest in what we watched as a family and this reduced to the conflicts on what was to be watched as we see in the reading. Unlike in the reading also, the remote control was mostly with my father and we never he switched the channels nobody really complained. Another factor I also noted is that my mother watched more TV than my father and this is not the trend depicted in the reading. This acted as a very good forum for my parents to see each one of us and to offer guidance where necessary. This has drastically changed, because each member of the family can visit their preferred sites regardless of where they are using their mobile phones, mini computers or iPods.

The notion that social networking is an invention for young people and middle aged is not true. This is so because my mother, Daala Al Muftis, a fifty-two —year old woman finds pleasure in twitter. She traces her roots from Syria and I never thought she can be addicted to the internet. She says that twitter gives her the opportunity to interact with her long time friends whom they lost contact long time ago. She tweets with a lot of passion and the greatest crime you can commit is interfering with her when twitting.

My father, Ghassan Al-Sultan, at fifty-six years old has not been left behind. Being a businessman, he is the greatest beneficiary of the internet services. He orders his stock online and is able to receive orders in the same way. Initially my father was addicted to movies for entertainment, but currently this has changed. For his entertainment he loves a bit of Facebook, which according to him helps him to chat with his customers and fellow businessmen. Facebook has also played a crucial role since it creates an avenue for him to advertise his products. He discourages us from spending much of our time in entertainment and tells us to emulate him by taking advantage of the services created by the invention of social network to enhance our creativity. His use of the internet and Facebook really gives me a challenge, since I have to mention that he also compares how his colleagues sell their products to ensure that he does not lose his customers.

Fahed, a twenty-six years old guy, is my eldest brother. He is a student at Pennsylvania, lives and works in New York. He has an iPad, which accompanies him wherever he goes. “Accompanies” is used to mean that he does not leave it behind. He is also a fun of Facebook. For a long period of time, I have known Fahed to like getting information on world news. He spends much time at work and school. This leaves him with very inadequate time for recreation and entertainment. When he has a spare time he always visits his favorite sites such as Facebook and twitter.

Bader, my twenty-five year old brother is a student at the Northeastern University, which is located in Boston. He is very unique from the rest of us in the family. Bader also uses the internet and to be precise twitter and Facebook. The difference between him and the rest of us in the family is that he has emulated our father in using the social network not only for entertainment and fun. He likes everything about conserving the environment. He takes reasonable amount of time in getting knowledge on conserving the environment. For him, twitter and Facebook are not for making fun and chatting only. In fact, he only uses these sites to pass information to on how conserve the environment. I have to admit that this has made him my father’s darling. You will find my father on many occasions using him as point of reference. He likes taking a walk on our garden every time he is free planting trees and watering the seedlings in my mother’s small farm.

Layal, our lovely sister, a sixteen-year old girl is a high school student in Kuwait. Her performance has kept on deteriorating year in year out due to the effects of social network. Sometimes we are mad at her but looking at it properly this is not her fault. Since charity begins at home, the teachers have for many times told us if we are concerned about her performance we should leave by example. She rarely spends time in her books. Sometimes my parents confiscates her phone, but then this does very little to take her back to books. Layal is fond of music, TV shows and movies. She is also addicted to social networking and internet. . . As a member of this family I would also like to introduce myself. My name is Leena Al-Sultan. In terms of my birth position, I am the 3rd child. I used to watch a lot of television before I got used to the social network. Currently I am seriously interested in twitter and Facebook. I spend part of my time doing my daily chores after which I take time to chat with my friends who are in other areas. When I am at school, internet is of great use, especially when I am doing my research.

In conclusion, I would like to admit that social network and internet have more advantages than disadvantages. Many opportunities have been created. Jobs have been created. On behalf of my family I want to congratulate those who invented these noble sites.

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