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The song “Rock Island Line” is very different when representing the two different singers to perform it. This song is about the train operator who was trying to go on board of train with piggy iron and when they asked him about what was on the train he answered that there was only livestock. This song is about the city of Chicago and Rock Island. The music is very dynamic with some insertions of not rhymed words and verses. The style is a combination of folk and blues music. If to compare two versions of this song under Lead Belly and Lonnie Donegan performance, the first one sound a bit sharper and very old style. While Lonnie Donegan version is more interesting with modern and interesting voice effects that make his performance unique and interesting. Donegan’s performance is fresh, interesting, understandable, and rhythmical. He managed to add certain rhythm even to those parts that were not rhythmical at all. The characteristic and unusual style of performing this song made it interesting and inspiring for the guys from Beatles. The most specific thing about his performance is the usage of tone differences and various new effects, like changing pitch of voice and other.

Buddy Holly’s and Beatles’ performance of the song “That’ll be the Day” are almost the same; however, there are some differences. The tempo of the song is not slow but rather medium. The instruments used are drums and guitars. Buddy Holly’s version is a one voice version and the Beatles’ song is performed by a group. The version of Buddy holly seems to be more interesting and more emotional.

This is a historical episode in the life of two great musicians that started a new era in the world of music. John Lennon met Paul McCartney and they had a discussion that John was not playing the guitar correctly and he said that he is going to teach him play it right. This was the first step towards the bright future and work together in the Quarrymen and later the Beatles.

The instrument used was the “Tea Chest Bass” which is a box with a stick that goes vertically inside the hole in that box and holds a rope that goes inside the box through a little hole. Then the person who uses it should hold a stick with a rope and not to forget to put a leather glove on his other hand because the rope can damage the skin, while playing. The sound is deep and vibrating. Skiffle music is all sorts of folk music, jazz, blues and other that is performed with the help of the simplest instruments that were made of anything that was close to hand and to produce some sounds. People do not need to spend time to train how to play this kind of musical instrument.

The movie “Blackboard Jungle” is about student’s feeling of freedom and the possibility to do what they want without any punishment. The movie represents all sorts of actions and objects that give feeling of freedom to the students. It is smoking, drinking beer, dancing rock’n’roll in public and misdemeanor at school, like offending the teacher and throwing garbage into the blackboard. “Jailhouse Rock” represents young men that happened to be taken to jail and even there they still remain free singing their eternal rock’n “˜roll and dancing. “Expresso Bongo” also demonstrates a great power of rock’n’roll music upon young people. During that time it was popular and prestigious thing to sing songs and to dance the specific dancing style. These movies are similar in one they emphasize the power of rock’n’roll upon young people that try to tell to the whole world that they are free and no one has right to tell them what to do and how to think.

Eddie Son House’s song “Death Letter Blues” is a common theme for blues music that is meant to set the person thinking and enjoying the music that causes him or her to feel blue and to think over the life and to get all the necessary sad emotions that help to fight the person’s emotions with more power and strength. The song is very interesting about the content and is performed enthusiastically with a lot of passion and specific style. His style is free with inclinations of improvisation that adds to the content side of the song as well.

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