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The geographical position of the Cape of Good Hope makes it the longer route between Manila and New York as compared to the Suez Canal and therefore it’s more expensive to follow this route there by making this canal more costly terms of the costs due to longer distance between the two places. This is also reflected in the amount of fuel consumption and time taken from manila to New York. The cost of constructing the locks makes this route even more expensive (Parker, 96-134).

The rate of accidents is higher compared with say the Suez Canal, whose percentage of accidents is almost nil, there more risks due to the locking which cause accidents. Navigation is only on day because of the higher rates of piracy that has been encountered in the recent times; this makes the cost and the lives expensive and risky respectively. There also accidents which occur because of locks and water dams. This is some times due to the poor construction of the dams and the locks (Murillo, 241-56).  

To widen and deepen this canal is very expensive and difficult due to existing water locks. Say, widening for larger vessels it takes longer process than say were it for Suez Canal.

The settlement here was also finally given to Suez Canal. This is given so even though Suez Canal might appear to be the longest among the available canals but this can not hinder it to be considered the cheapest and the safest route the MV Lotus Dawn could pass through. This is because it offers the advantages as in the case of in the whole passage through the canal there is no even single existent of locks, these locks in the case of there existent poses a major challenge with the ship in question. Locks can make the maintenance of the ship to be at most regular intervals given the fact that the chances of the ship to knock against them are very high but now considering the fact that the Suez canal has virtually no lock  existing who will not be happy anyway to follow the route.   

The locks here have also a major challenge in the speed of the ship, it is important to note that the shorter the time a ship takes to rich its destination the more efficient the ship appear in terms of cost and efficiency. This speed of the ship can also increase the security level as in the case of existence of potential pirates the ship is in a very good position to increase on its average speed so that the pilot and the crew get to avoid the capture of the same which all will result in an added cost as the pirates demand for greater ransom. Suez Canal was also chosen given that in comparison with other waterways there is no if any very minimal existence of accidents (Parker, 96-134). This is because I realized there is the widened nature of the canal and this allows for a wider flexibility given that even though sips might be using the same route at a given particular time, the minor routes to which the respective ships can follow are very well defined and this allows every ship to be at a particular defined minor routes thus greatly reducing the existence of accidents. Accidents are a major stumbling block in the shipment transport industry and if the Suez Canal can reduce the chance s of its occurrence as were observed then my personal advice to the pilots who always drive ships is to pass through the Suez Canal in under any they will be following (Parker, 96-134).

Suez Canal also offers another major advantage leading to its choosing myself. I was shocked to know from the research that the canal has a 24 hour operation, this is because as I had mentioned above the beefing up of the security has allowed its operations to even proceed in the night hours. This is more appealing to the travel agents who might need to ship goods 24/7 with out any fear of getting an attack from the enemies of the waterways. This day and night operation of the canal has enabled numerous businesses to proceed and thus making the economy of the concerned countries to be of a very stable nature. The day and night operation of the canal will make sure that there is no any case of existence of fuel or any product which might be in transit. This is because the MV Lotus Dawn has the operations made constant in such a way that the goods being transported are found in abundance and at a much defined constant supply.

The canal has also the capability to cope up with different sizes of ships which might be passing via it. This is made possible by the fact that it has the possibility of being deepened may the need in the same arises so that it can contain a wider ship like the MV Lotus Dawn nature, an addition to its deepening, there is also the possibility widening the canal this enables it to contain ships which of the wide nature making it possible for there passage (Murillo, 241-56). The location of Suez Canal is also another very important aspect leading too its favor over the other three canals. It Is actually the shortest route connecting the east and the west, the shorter nature it avails results in the reduction of fuel use and thus the ship would have to branch at a given bunker to refuel, the time the ship takes between the two destinations is also greatly reduced and all these results into the reduction of the overall maintenance cost (Parker, 96-134).

In the planning of the carriage of the MV Lotus Dawn after the determination of the route has been realized successfully, it was the turn of choosing the carriage system; this was made easier by the use of the available software as I had explained in the advantages of the manila New York route. The software just as a recap was very efficient as it helped as to know the real exact capacity of the ship so that maximum utilization of the ship is realized with very minimal damage being realized in the same. Some of the necessary information for the MV Lotus Dawn to start its movement on the chosen path was: the name of the vessel was to be known in advance, this will aid in its effective identification at the other end of the route in this case the new York, the country of origin must also be detailed effectively given that it tracing might be necessary incase of any lose or any other challenges the ship might face enroute to new York (Murillo, 241-56).  Another important detail which should also come out clearly and actually it came out in our real planning was the date of the most recent the ship has had and the particular routes it followed and if there are changes done to the MV Lotus Dawn particulars in away that it helped us to know the real capacity of the vessel. The Intl GRT and the maximum arrival draft, the condition of the vessel and other particulars.  In trying to calculate the time taken by the MV Lotus Dawn will take to reach he final destination. 

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