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The song “Forgotten Promises” by Sami Yusuf is very extraordinary. This music video presents an opportunity to reflect on one of the important global problems and gives a vivid picture of the lives of people in other parts of the world. I was definitely fully engaged in this learning process as the song had a powerful impact on me.

The present learning experience was significant for me in several ways. First of all, the message of the song surprised me with its intensity and clarity. What at first seemed like a simple music video, turned into the strong appeal to every human being. As many people around the world, I also possess some basic knowledge about global issues but this video has really pushed me to research more. Had I known beforehand that this song was created in support of UN World Food Program I would have watched it with different perspective. So, this is something I wish I knew before watching this video. Moreover, the experience was important for me at this time because now I consider myself to be a person who can fully understand such problems and be sympathetic to other people’s needs. That is why this song influenced me a lot.

Reflecting on how this experience is related to other spheres of my life, I can say that I became much more aware of what is happening in other parts of the world. I researched the World Food Program and some of the ways how average people can contribute to it. This new knowledge helps me to reflect on some of the business practices and connect this information to previous topics. For instance, I keep thinking how multinational corporations act in regards to the food shortage problem, as many of them try to conduct business in a responsible and ethical way.

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