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This paper explores the criminal justice system process, network and non-system. It also seeks to analyze whether or not the three components of the criminal justice system, which include police, courts and corrections, constitute a true system.

The justice process begins with investigation of an allegation of crime commission. After investigations, a suspect is arrested and held until a court proceeding has been constituted (Gibson, Cavadino & Faulkner, 2008). After the arrests, the suspect is indicted by a bench of judges after filing of evidence by a prosecutor. Before trial, a defendant is arraigned in court for plea of guilt or innocence. This is followed by pre-trial detention or bail pending final trial. After a trial has been instituted and the defendant pleads guilty of the offense, the offender is sentenced (Gibson et al, 2008). The accused can then appeal the ruling of the judge or fail to appeal it. After determination of the appeal, one is punished for the offense committed or put on rehabilitation.

The justice system is sometimes referred to as a non-system because each of its three components operates as a separate entity. Gibson et al (2008) cited that the three components are funded differently and have their operations guided by a different set of policies. State-funded appellate courts differ from the correctional department that receives their funding from the cities and local counties. The law enforcement department is mandated to protect lives and properties of the public against threats and terror (Burns, 2007). Their funding comes from city departments. The police, the courts and the correctional institutions function as separate entities with differently trained personnel and professionals. At no point does one entity overlap and perform the role of the other (Burns, 2007).

In conclusion, the criminal justice system is not an absolute system. Rather, it is a pseudo-system. Its three components, that is, the law enforcement, the courts and the correctional departments operate in isolation. However, a complete justice process involves engagement and participation of the three components.

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