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Intel Corporation is the largest manufacturer of semiconductors in the world, with its major facilities located in the United States of America, Asia and Europe. Intel was founded in 1968 and it has changed the world dramatically then. The company has invented the microprocessor that has made possible the first calculators and personal computers. By early 21st century, the Intel Company’s microprocessors were found in about eighty percent of personal computers worldwide. The company’s products also includes computer chipsets and main boards, the flash memory that is used in the wireless communications and other applications, hubs, routers, switches and other products for the Ethernet networks, embedded control chips that are used in networking products, the laser printers, the imaging devices and storage media. Intel Company remained competitive through its combination of good marketing, well developed research, manufacturing proficiency, legal proficiency, and its alliance with software Microsoft Corporation which is a giant software company (Pizzigati S. 2004).

Organizational cultural characteristics of Intel Company.

The Intel Corporation provides an excellent example of an organization that was dominated by a clan culture. The major features of Intel’s culture are collective responsibility, cooperation, and the consensus decision-making. In Intel, teams become a critical part of the work environment, and the accomplishment of the team objectives is valued more as compared to the accomplishment of individual objectives. Intel’s buildings are designed with excess of conference rooms where the individuals can meet informally. The managers are always encouraged to share information with each other, criticize each other’s actions, and open the decision making to all levels of the organization. Intel believes in long term employment opportunities reassigns the individuals who face career development problems instead of firing them. Grove, Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore, the founders of Intel placed the cultural emphasis on cooperation on teamwork. They run the Intel Corporation as a team and they take an active role in teaching new employees about the organization. For instance, Andrew Grove the Intel President states that his new hire orientation teaching is his most significant contribution to his company.

Also, Intel’s policies emphasizes on providing equal employment opportunities to all applicants and employees without considering the race, religion, sex, color, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, marital status and gender identity (Law K. 2007).

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