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A trade fair can be described as an exhibition that is organized to showcase goods and services that are produced in a certain industry, region or in a particular country. In this line of thought, trade fair markets can be defined as the markets that arise during the period of showcasing goods and services of these sectors to potential markets. For instance, when a company such as Toyota organizes a trade fair to showcase the new model of its vehicle, some of the attendees of this event will become interested in the vehicle immediately and make order. Therefore, apart from marketing this brand of vehicles, such a trade fair would have acted as a market platform for Toyota Company. In this regard, the United Arabs Emirates has organized different trade fair markets to market and sell its products to other parts of this region and to the world at large.

The United Arab Emirates has explored trade fair as one of the channels of not only marketing its goods but also selling its goods to the outside world. In line with this, there are different or rather numerous trade fairs that have been organized in the United Arab Emirates region to market various products and services to the outside world as well as selling these goods and services. There are various types of goods that have been presented to the world in the United Arab Emirate trade fairs. For instance, the trade fairs that have been organized in the past presented goods such as carpets, floor materials, textiles products, fashion, technological goods such as mobile phones, etc (Biz Trade Shows).

There are various facilities that are required in preparation and hosting of a trade fair. These facilities are built in a customized way for the sake of dealing with trade fairs and hosting other activities that are geared towards marketing of goods and services that are produced in the Middle East. There are major trade fair facilities in the United Arab Emirates that are known across the globe and that have attracted visitors both from within and also from outside the UAE region. Among these facilities is the Dubai World Trade Centre. This facility was built in 1978 and is going through a reconstruction upon which when completed will have a parking capacity of 8,300 vehicles. It has shopping malls, offices and residential units. The facility is approximately 283,000 sq. ft and has an ability of accommodating 12,000 delegates at a time (Asia Rooms).

The success of any trade fair is depended on the ability of this event to attract as many delegates as possible. In reference to this, it is important for such an event to have organizers who will formulate strategies and plan on how they will be executed in hosting a trade fair event. Along this line of thought, there are a lot of event (trade fair events) organizers in the United Arab Emirates that have been credited in the past for organizing successful trade fair events.

Among these organizers is DMG World Media Dubai Ltd who is a reputed exhibition organizer in Dubai and has been successful in organizing more than 200 exhibitions in the past not only in the United Arab Emirates but generally in the Middle East. Among the events that this organizer is currently working on is the Hotel Shows that will take place in May, 2010 (Biz Trade Shows).

There are various trade fair events that will be carried out in 2010. One o these trade fair exhibitions are the Middle East Communications that will be held in Abu Dhabi International Exhibition Centre, Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates on 17 May, 2010 to 19 May, 2010. This event will attract different types of exhibitors in the technology industry among them Telecommunications Service Providers, Mobile Phone Retailers, Radio Equipment, Market Data, Telematics, etc (Biz Trade Shows). With this in mind, trade fair exhibitions have acted as important marketing events of products and services that are produced in the United Arab Emirates.

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