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Alexander the great is a problematic historical figure since the man used to drink too much and quick to anger. At times he was too bold when leading from front this almost leads to his killing on many different occasions. He was constantly pushing forward without taking time to consolidate the earlier conquests that he has done. Individuals who have tried to follow some of these traits are hence problematic to the society.

The most important thing that makes him to be the problematic history figure is the issue of him being Oedipus complex. All his deeds that influenced the world so much can be brought back to the desires of his own to ensure that he was better than the father in all the imaginable ways. His historic figure came to be problematic towards the end when the hardship and the strains of the years of warfare intensified. His complete and absorption with his good name resulted to inability to accept criticism. Anyone who spoke about it ended up being killed for example when his domestic enemies were executed due to his order.

In the past Alexander was portrayed as one who belongs to the world of heroes of the Christian God. In time when this religion was vital, this was about the highest achievements of an individual. This is in the Byzantine art. In the middle age the secular conception of Alexander was famous in the Gothic period. Alexander was portrayed as a model of chivalry and this illustration is a representation of him in which is depicted as a courtly gentleman which was an attribute that was valued at the French society. This case is in “Alexander Taming Bucephalus”. He was shown as chivalrous Medieval as he controlled the Bucephalus. He was portrayed as the respected Roman ruler as they saw greatness in him. In the current times Alexander the great has been depicted or portrayed as the gay. He has been seen as the iconic figure for the bisexual lifestyle. He is portrayed as a man apart from unifying and conquering the world, unified people of different sexual orientation as well (Brooke, 2005).

The role of Alexander of Macedon in the modern world is great. The current military still learn a lot on how to conduct war fare from Alexander the great. The strategies and tactics by Alexander provide historical lessons which assist current U.S military operations in Asia. This can be focused on expeditionary force structure, strategies, logistics, tactics, conflict operations that occurred in the past and finally the similarities in the military force. In combating new era of war fighting, one way that militaries for many years have used is that of learning the previous tactics and there battles of great military generals so that they do learn on what was successful or what was the failure. Looking back in history and get to learn from successful people and was face with exact enemy conditions, then Alexander the great appears to be the most prominent general faced with enemies who may resemble what most current military generals face. As the result he is more important in the current world of military. His campaign has changed Asia’s culture, is a model of many Roman rulers hence having an impact on European ideals.

Many authors have used Alexander to represent the word views of their times. For example the idea of Eratosthenes has written many articles to show how Alexander has not opened the eyes of the Greeks to civilization of the ancient near East. It is argued that he wanted to unify the world as called the policy of fusion is a poor translation. Tarn has written on Alexander after the Second World War to prove that war could be waged for the mankind’s benefit, though this has been considered naive.

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