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The cost of war in any nation is expensive. Taking the example of the war in Afghanistan, many nations are forced often to explore their economic capabilities in support of war. The Afghanistan war began in October 7, 2001. Since its start, the United States of America has spent an approximate of $460 billion bearing in mind the number of lives that have been lost and property destroyed. Other costs have accrued from the avenues that the defending nation, Afghanistan, must have involved another lucrative budget in order to finance the war besides the amount of property that was destroyed. This cost is perceived economically as an opportunity cost. The government of the United States of America and that of Afghanistan had a chance to invest the amount of money utilized in war in other projects. The money would have been used in other different projects that would have contributed to the nations’ gross domestic product. The $460n billion invested in war offers a vivid avenue to be used as an opportunity to increase productivity, growth and development of the economy of the United States of America and other veteran countries.

The allocations for different weapons used in the war, like ships, guns, and tanks offer an astronomical right for the nations to offer equitable spending. The cost of caring for soldiers who participated in the war was always on the rise. During the fiscal year that ended in that year, the total amount of the veteran spending rose by an approximate $54 billion when compared to the fiscal year of 2010. The total spending was exceeding the capabilities of the veteran spending and packages as sources of revenues to different avenues of growth and development within the region.  Considering the different avenues of financial leverage, majority of the spending would have proved worthwhile and fruitful to boosting the national gross domestic spending as in the united states of America.

The Effects of High Spending During the Afghanistan War

The effects of high spending during the Afghanistan war is proving to impact negatively in the federal government and budget for years to come. As the national economy is experiencing an imposed downturn, economic demonstrations depict that the national economy is headed for a second recession. Many states close to forty-two are experiencing adverse budget shortfalls as at the 2012 fiscal year. The short falls are approximated to be close to 15% of the national spending. Economic projections claim that the money that was used in Afghanistan war would have paid to plug the holes created by the national budget. Because of the war and heavy spending, the national citizens have been taxed increasingly and hence are experiencing economic hard times.

In the United States of American budget, the Pell grants are approximated at $5, 500 at a maximum level. Such an amount is given to low-income earners and college students so that they can afford to make their education possible. Students who receive Pell Grants are able to complete schooling after secondary school without any difficulty. In the mean time, they are able to access job opportunities and be productive members of the society, unlike non-Pell Grant recipients. According to studies, the amount of money that was spent in Afghanistan war would have financed all the post-secondary students in accessing their levels of education and assisting them to access equitable job opportunities. Such a perception is given in consideration of the 2009 fiscal year.

Given the nature of spending in the country, a number of projects would have been accomplished if it were not for spending on war. Therefore, the spending in Afghanistan war offers a real example in which the acts of opportunity costs can be exemplified with equitable examples from the government spending and the future state of the country’s budget.

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