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Human resource management is the firm’s deliberate use of human resources to help it develop a competitive advantage. The prudent use of human resource strategy, an organization can efficiently manage its personnel and maximize their potential. However, in order to maximize the potential of the organization, there is a need to focus on relevant strategies and use them to deal with the diverse needs of every worker. As a result an unified organization will arise wherein every personnel works for the common good of the group.

The effective implementation of the HRM strategy requires the involvement of all stakeholders within the company. This includes senior management, line management, HRM personnel and rank and file employees. In addition, the said HRM strategy must be tailor-made to help the individual. It is also important to point out the need to develop interactions and deepen business relationships of co-workers within the company. The strengthening of business relationships will bring about the diverse strengths and talents of individual workers. It all boils down to the realization that management must value employees in the same way that they value the customer. It is also important to upgrade the skills of the employees in order to develop creative solutions to problems. Human resource management is also about the creative process of motivating its workers in order to increase the level of their performance.

It is part of the responsibility of the HRM department to collect pertinent information with regards to the performance of the workforce. This set of information will be used to make decisions with regards the strategies needed to be implemented for the good of the group.

It is also imperative to consider the brand. It is important to the success of the company. One way to ensure the excellent branding of the company is to start with the performance of the workers. Therefore, the knowledge, skills and abilities of the employees will greatly affect how the customers appreciate the branding of the organization. It is therefore critical that the company must invest in the appropriate human resource strategy in order for the organization to hire the right people and to retain them. In addition, the correct strategy will enable the company to train the personnel and inculcate into the corporate culture that the worker’s performance forms a major part of the brand. It is also important to stress out the importance of a well-organized firm that allows for the effective use of diverse capabilities in its workforce. At the same time there is a need to monitor the performance of the workers in order to determine if they organization is moving into the right direction (Mohrman, 2006).

How Do You Measure Up?

At the conclusion of taking the quiz, “How Do You Measure Up?” there is a better understanding with regards to the organization’s human resource department. Insights were gleaned with regards to customization and what direction it needs to move. According to Contemporary issues in Human Resource Management Case Studies, the ideal course of action to improve employee attraction, retention and performance the following ideas must be considered:

  1. Assess the unique needs of your organization and employees.
  2. Determine your primary customization approaches.
  3. Start with the biggest bang for your buck.
  4. Build a workforce of one, practice by practice.
  5. Iterate, refine and track with analysis.

After recording a positive score of 52 the human resource department is seen to have the capability to support a number of customizations in the organization. Even though the score was positive there are still some questions and concerns before the potential of the organization can be fully realized.

It was also understood that the employees are the most important resources of the organization. Thus, it was pointed out that in order to harness the skills and talents of the workforce there is a need to invest in management information systems that will collate and interpret the behavior of the workforce. As are result the HRM department in conjunction with management will be able to develop strategies that address the needs of the individuals. The management information system will also help prevent the creation of a strategy or solution that is standardized and will be counterproductive for the firm.


The ideal HRM strategy is the “workforce of one”, it is an individualized approach to the management of human resources. It is the realization that everyone has different abilities and that each worker prefers different methods to solving problems and tackling issues. Management must realize that there is no single best way to manage the talents of their employees. In the same way that the company view the target market as segmented and therefore requires different approaches, the same mindset must be used when it comes to improving the skills and capabilities of each employee. This can be seen in the tools that can be used to train them. It is no longer effective to design a training program that is characterized as one-size-fits-all. In the enhancement of the skills of the workforce the training method must also be individualized. Although it is clear that there are many advantages to personalized training it is difficult to consistently develop and implement strategies that are geared towards the idea of the treating each employee as a “workforce of one.” Nevertheless, the organization must continue to pursue this goal. One way to accomplish this goal is to know more about each employee and this can be achieved through the use of management information systems.

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