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The top-level organizations, which happen to be very large in the local area or in the entire country, undergo various problems despite their success of leading in the business society. The popularity in business and the large profits they gain from the society, as the best organizations, are the result of a hard work and finding solutions to the problems faced in the managerial department, as well as in the whole business. The managers are prone to facing challenges, as they happen to be the overall decision makers of the business, and any problems that come about the managers are consulted with and they always find the ways to solve the situation. Moreover, the development of any organization is always in the hands of the managerial department. After carrying out an interview with the leading fashion icon in the country and a successful business owner of fashionable clothing line, the manager came up with some answers.

The opportunities and problems of going global are diverse, especially in the field of fashion. The manager talked of the many opportunities they get after buyers from all over the country shop at their premise and largely promote their designs, as they travel to other countries. Their designs, as well as their popularity, reach global regions; hence, offering them an opportunity to open other branches internationally. However, the opportunities are not easily grabbed due to the challenges faced in a bid to go global. Technically, the global market is there, but the launch of branches in other parts of the world is still the main challenge.

The main challenge of going global is lack of the adequate capital. Opening one branch costs a huge amount of money, as compared to the profits made at the main branch. The manager explained how difficult it is to save up money just to open one more branch and stock it with the same amount of goods and products that are in the main shop. This has continued to be a challenge for many managers in any business; especially in the businesses that sell goods and not services. Another challenge faced by the managers while trying to go global is the lack of sufficient team with the skills to market their presence of the new business on the global scope. Even after going global the manager faces a problem of effective communication with the workers represented internationally; hence, the business fails to flourish as expected. The challenges are quite many and, drift in focus, can cause a fall of the business; moreover, huge loses can be incurred.

Organizational cultures include the factors and elements of an organization that determine the routine behavior of the members of that particular company. The way of conducting business and interaction with each other, as well as with the customers, creates the organizational culture. The manager of the clothing line gave us a clear insight on the organizational culture of the business as that, which is totally embraced by all members. The workers and managers meet every day in the morning for an interactive session before the day’s work and have a cup of coffee together. The managers and employees freely converse during the day and hang out together after the working hours. There is no aspect of the boss and the worker in the business, as long as every member is aware of their role in the business. Respect, if upheld, and the unity as well, as a form of friendship, are the basic principles in the fashion shop.

To make changes in the culture of the business and its workers the manager emphasized on the need for extra working hours, where the shop can be closed the two hours after the normal time. The change is to help to maximize their profits, as more customers visit the shop as they leave their daily working areas. Closing the business hours same time as other businesses in different fields lock out some customers; hence, the two extra hours can take care of that group of customers. This is a change that the manager is working on informing the rest of the employees, so that they may come up with a good plan and focus on their targets. The manager added that the change would take effect at the beginning of the next month.

In the modern world, the Information Technology department is a crucial part of any business, as it eases the work of the employees, as well as promotes efficiency; thus, consequently maximizing the profits of the business. In the clothing business the manager explained their wide use of Information Technology as a tool for marketing and making sales. The clothes line has adopted the use of the on-line sales, where customers shop and pay for their clothes and other products online and thereafter a delivery is made. The customers make half of the payment online, then they pay the other half during delivery. This use of the on-line sales has promoted the business in that their market is wider and more so international. The items are uploaded on-line in their website and the customers pick from the photos.

In any company or business team work is a necessity step to help in the daily work in the company. The team work is useful, especially during the jobs that require a large task force. The collaboration of different teams comes in when the job requires a number of different processes before completion. The manager of this cloths line acknowledged their support for any team collaboration that could lead to the success of their business and their projects. The teams of workers in the shop work hand in hand with the workers, who make deliveries by ensuring that their on-line customers get their clothes without any mistakes. Every item is labeled on the packing bag, so as to avoid confusion during delivery.

The lessons learnt after the closure of one of the interviews with the manager of the leading cloths line were many. The manager is a top fashion icon, who is also a designer, and her talent gives her a nice cozy living even in the worst economy. The art of using one’s talent to make a living is well displayed from the manager. Opportunities do not have to come one’s way; instead, one can create an opportunity and start something (Murray 77). Another important lesson learnt from the challenges faced by the manager is the value of responsibility. For any problem the managers are responsible in ensuring that the solutions are quickly made and the business runs in the most effective manner.

The managerial implications that tag along with the challenges the managers face, while running a company or a business, are quite diverse. However, managers act as the spokespersons of any organization and following any failure they are supposedly the cause of the failure. All the blames go to the managers in case of a problem or loses incurred by a business. This is due to the responsibility that comes with their role and the success of the business must be their main goal. Such implications give the mangers a difficult time in ensuring that everything runs perfectly and the results are good if not better.

In conclusion, it is evident that the managers of all organizations have a huge task in ensuring smooth running of a business and that the visions and goals are met accordingly. The challenges faced by managers, on the other hand, are hectic and difficult to solve, especially without teamwork. The managers use the necessary tools in the businesses to come up with solutions to the challenges, and moreover, to come up with the new ideas to assist in developing of the business. The managers ensure constructive interactions among the staff to avoid other petty challenges for the good of the business. Despite the challenges faced, most managers have the best skills and knowledge to run a company or a business.

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