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How does Globalization Affect on People Behavior

Globalization is the increase in the interconnection of countries in the world through trade, technology and finance. It is the process through which the world’s economies merge as a result of innovations and through technological innovations, which have created one global village. The impact of globalization on economies is the rapid manner of economic transformation and change that has resulted to the opening of the economies leading to the accommodation of global companies. Over the last few decades, the world’s economies have continually connected, and through the liberalization of trade, the attention has been accentuated on the speed of global interconnection. Thus, the world today looks uniform due to the positive effects of globalization. Today, many company brands that have not developed into other countries exist in many places. This has led to the creation of global brands (Kumar, 2009). With the emergence of global brands, the world has become uniform. The behavior of people is headed towards a uniform direction as the influences of new global aspects of foods, music and fashion continue taking toll.

Although globalization has had its own share in the world, it still has the potential to change the existing lifestyles in many countries. The impact of globalization on the behavior of people in terms of food, clothing, dressing and even music remains highly influential. Globalization has led to the emergence of a single lifestyle where it has had its share. Today, people connect themselves with others through the music. Thus, various musicians have become global household names. They influence not just on the music industry, but also on how people dress. The hip-hop culture presents one of the most expansive cultures among the youth today.

Impact of Globalization on the Behavior of People

Traditional foods

With the emergence of globalization, the impact of food and culture still remains negative. The traditional foods are disappearing in favor of the emerging foods. For instance, the export of American diet into Europe, Asia, and the Developing world is mark of how globalization of food cultures continues to change the traditional food habits. The increase in the use of process foods in high calories and often in low nutritional value will impact on the health habits of people (Hastings & Thomas, 2003). For instance, the health dangers that emanate from globalization like the use of highly refined sugars, oils and flour may affect individual health. For instance, the MacDonald’s is an example of a global brand that is changing the food lifestyles in the world.

Globalization also affects local cultures. The increase of intercultural influences shows how globalization has led to a change in the local cultures. Cultures continue to change as a result of the effects of global mass media (Nash, 2011). The interconnection of various countries has led to the rise of similarities in the way people behave (The Levin institution, SUNY, n.d.). In addition, the impact of globalization on the traditional dress code is a clear example of the negative impact of globalization. With the rise of the fashion media in the world, the traditional dress code may change. Advertising has made it possible to make global fashion brands to be sold in different countries. The culture industry has brought about new changes to style that continue to re-conceive the traditional dress styles. This is in terms of attitudes and it looks that it aims at maintaining a global image (Benyon, 2000). For instance, various models continue to influence how people dress in the world.


Globalization affects the music, and this may cause traditional music to disappear. The world today remains connected through music in the sense that various musicians have become global brands today. For instance, the transportation of musical heritages is as a result of the globalization. This is because music can easily accommodate new cultural identities, expressions and traditions. As this happens, the traditional forms of music may water down and disappear. Music continues to move beyond borders due to globalization. Thus, with the new and emerging identities, the traditional forms of music may disappear. In the same light, it is through the intertwining of the international community, it becomes difficult for musicians to keep their traditional musical roots. The incorporation of new sounds and rhythms is a result of the new global sound in the music industry. The tensions between traditional/indigenous and international musical aspects continue to change the way music goes in the world (Akeneda Wordpess, 2011). For example, “K’naan’s Old Home” song tries to link between traditional Somali roots and global aspects in music in order to remain relevant. If it were not in the case of globalization, then the song would have to maintain its Somali musical aspects. However, globalization makes it to be essential to keep away from certain aspects of traditional music. In addition, traditional form of music may be the only way that people can connect with their traditions (Connell & Gibson, 2003).


In conclusion, the effects of globalization on the behavior of people are expansive. This is in terms of the influences on food and eating habits, music and the dress code. The behavior of people will continue to change as a result of globalization and this will ultimately kill the existing cultural perspectives and styles. The societies continue to change in terms of behavior as a result of the connection they get from other countries. With advertising, the fashion industry has led to the change in how people want to dress today. People’ behavior and perceptions about clothes have changes as a result of the increasing interaction with the global fashion trends.

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