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Why Business Models Matter

The concept of a business model is often confused and misunderstood that leads to multiple failures and disbelief that it can work in many cases. It is seen as a remedy for every business to start generating enormous profits and improve its positions in the market, although it is crucial to know how to choose […]

7 Deadly Sins of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is often seen as an efficient way of improving business performance, decreasing costs, and changing the main focus of a company. Nowadays, it is commonly applied in various companies all over the world, although even such an appealing concept has its downsides. The most common mistakes that lead to a failure of outsourcing have […]

M and A Needn’t Be a Loser’s Game

Mergers and acquisitions are often considered as being a remedy for any company in order to improve its business performance and increase profits. However, statistics of failures and successes of the companies undertaking such actions proves the opposite. Interestingly enough, the majority of large companies, which were not successful in mergers or acquisitions, were consulted […]

Carlsberg Breweries

Carlsberg Breweries is a brewery company that is found in the United Arab Emirates. The company is situated in Dubai with its headquarters in Dubai Media City. The company is engaged in production and distribution of various brewery products such as wines and beers in the larger part of UAE. The company can use Woopra […]

Lending and Borrowing

The Bank of Amsterdam is planning to diversify its investment in order to make money from the international capital market. The company is planning international capital market strategies aimed increasing the revenues of the bank. The company is planning to open a subsidiary in Croatia and this risk assessment will contain evaluation of the risks […]

Strategy as Balance

Choosing a business strategy for a company is often a challenging process that requires a deep evaluation of contradicting views and taking into account various possibilities. There are many factors to be considered by managers when making a decision about applying a new strategy. Thus, the main aim of this paper is to analyze the […]

Business Styles

The role of a leader in an organization cannot be underestimated. Every company depends on the decisions made by leaders, their skills, and the management style they apply. There is a large variety of leadership styles, although some of them are considered to be the most traditional and well-known for the business practice such as […]

Sony Playstation

The electronic game business is the economic segment concerned with the growth, advertising, and sale of video games. It includes numerous trade regulations and recruits thousands of people globally. It involves video game consoles, game software, smart tabs, cellular games, and online games. The console is the biggest sector in the business, but online, cell […]

Entrepreneurial Marketing

Core values are major elements of any business identity. They are particular principles put by a firm as regards to its execution, decision making, analysis, and customer service procedures. The key objective of any firm is to draw revenue, which can simply be attained if customers and clients are impressively satisfied by the services proffered […]

Small Businesses in Singapore

The dependent variable for this study is business risks that are faced by small businesses in Singapore. One of the biggest challenges the small businesses in this country face include poor management of funds. Some of the businesses in this country are not able to get enough cash to cover their bills. According to the […]

Barratt Development

Barratt Development PLC is a company based in the United Kingdom, which is majoring in building and developing properties. This company also participates in renewal of urban projects located in such cities as London and Manchester. Currently, it has offered direct employment to about 4000 employees. The vision of this company is to become the […]

Wal-Mart’s Latecomer Advantage

Latecomer’s advantage occurs when a firm creates a new advantage and captures a strong market position previously dominated by an incumbent. According to research, a firm needs to adopt three strategies in order to utilize latecomer’s advantage. The firm should first introduce a grabber that reflects a new value preposition that will succeed in all […]

The Case of Ducati

Why is the motorcycle industry so attractive? What makes the motorcycle industry extremely attractive is rivalry. Competition between rivals in the motorbike industry is quite powerful. As each main contender comprises its own market position, price cut, novel product prologues, marketing campaigns, and creations in motorcycle technology constantly stimulate competition among companies. Instead of contending […]

MGM Resorts International

MGM Resorts International is a company that operates in the hospitality and gaming industry. This company was established in 1986. During its formation, the company was established as a subsidiary of Tacinda Corporation in order to invest in the entertainment and travel industry. Through the subsidiaries, this company operates and owns casino resorts. Such resorts […]

Brand Building and Marketing

China has the largest population in the world. The young consumers’ market in China has changed significantly. Consumers now emphasize value in every product they purchase. This is the main reason that they spend a lot of time online comparing the prices of different products before they make the decision of purchasing a particular product. […]

I Want to Choose Business

When I say that I want to choose business as my major, this means a lot to me. My interest in business is not theoretical and is not dictated by films, media, or any glamor that is usually associated with the business. As a descendant of a family where most are businessmen, I realize business […]

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