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Health Care Marketing

The marketing of traditional health care services such as hospital services has matured during the past decade with the integration of research from the medical sociology discipline and the marketing literature. Similarly, more effective marketing strategies for health care packaged goods have been developed by integrating the knowledgebase available in the health care disciplines. Health […]

5 Reasons Why Businesses Fail

Statistics show that only in the U.S. more than half of newly created small businesses cease to exist in the first few years. Of course, these data are quite capable to scare even the most confident. However, it should not be forgotten that the majority of such failures are very similar. Therefore, this paper is […]

Business and its Role in Advocacy

The environmental catastrophe is often the social disaster. Monsanto’s use of GMO’s, the Indian Union Carbide gas leak, sweatshop labor that gives us Nike shoes, McDonald’s link to deforestation are but a few examples of the impact of big business on the environment, the poor, and labor. In the face of true and long lasting […]

Capstone Turbine Corporation

Capstone Turbine Corporation, the USA, is the leading global manufacturer of the microturbine power systems. It was the first company to present commercial microturbine power plants to the world. At present, Capstone designs and produces the microturbines with the power of 30 kW – 1 MW. Microturbines are the modern equipment for the autonomous heat […]

Bachelor of Business Administration

BBA is an abbreviation from Bachelor of Business Administration. It refers to the degree that can be earned either in business administration or commerce. Depending on the learning institution and its own standards, BBA may require 3 to 4 years of study. Also, the time period differs in various countries worldwide. The curriculum for the […]

Luxury Fashion Industry

In marketing, it pays to be creative. Marketers utilize creativity in marketing to move their products and brands high in the market. One of the industries which have experienced a lot of growth in recent time is the fashion industry. Bohdanowicz puts it that technology is to be credited for the rise of the fashion […]

Entry into Foreign Market

Entering a foreign market requires careful study of the existing factors. This is because for any business to flourish, the environment must be conducive for investment. Myanmar, formerly Burma, has been isolated from international arena due to its style of leadership. The country has over the past years be under military rule kind of a […]

Coffee Industry in Our Societies

Nowadays, the influence of coffee on our societies seems to be increasing, as the supply of coffee has risen so rapidly in these few years. According to International Coffee Organization, we can find that although “the export of world coffee has a little decrease in 8.77 million bags in April 2012, compared with 9.93 million […]

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) belongs to the largest Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which is also the capital of UAE. It came into existence soon after the independence of UAE (1971), by then it has been serving honestly. ADNOC is not only the largest oil company in the UAE but also ranks among the […]

Tactics Adopted by Toyota and Ford

The global auto industry is, perhaps, one of the most competitive industries in the world. Due to this competition, it has undergone many developments over time. For instance, the players have continuously produced better products for the benefit of their customers. The industry also contributes significantly to the economic growth of the countries in which […]

The Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is one of the most proliferated industries not only in the country but also across the globe. This is mainly because women are known to pursue good looks more than men. Moreover, modern hair salons focus on offering services to both men and women. This hair salon will not only focus on […]

Marriott Case Study

Marriott International is an international company in the hotel services, which includes more than 3,700 hotels under the brand of Marriott, located in the U.S. and 66 other countries and territories, with overall capacity to 499,165 rooms. General Directorate of the company is located in Washington, DC, at the end of 2009 the total number […]

A Plan for Sunshine Cafe

This paper outlines an eight stage plan that will enable sunshine café promote its brand and increase walk in business. Situation analysis Sunshine café is a leading beverages café specializing in coffee and it has a chain of coffee houses. The cafe targets the middle class and thus its coffee houses are strategically located in […]

The Bally Shoe Company

The Bally Shoe Company was founded in 1851 in Switzerland. The company was built as the family business and its main aim was to provide customers with the high-quality products. The quality of Parisian shoes had inspired Carl Franz, the founder of the business, to set up the new company. The company was meant to […]

AGRANA’s Growth

AGRANA’s growth is due to the competitive advantage it enjoys over other firms in the same industry. This is partly due to heterogeneity of resources which makes the company to benefit from both the monopoly and high profits. Heterogeneity gives an impression of the firm’s capabilities to effectively compete within the market environment at the […]

Visa Inc

The company of choice is Visa Inc. The company connects business, governments, banks and customers in a global technological payment method. The currency has been digitalized by the company in more than 200 countries. There is a range of brands of payment that the company owns. These includes: Visa Electronic, Visa, and Interlink & Plus. […]

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