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Statements 12, 24 and 34 reflect situations during interaction in which I give up power. For instance, in statement 12, the other party should use commonsense to know that they borrowed something from me that ought to have already been returned. Though I feel offended at one point for the delay, i exercise patience and wait for them to make things right. In situation 24, I am shy and incapable of coming out strongly in expressing my feelings or keeping up with others when interacting, similar to the situation at the table with my family.

A demonstration of non-assertive behaviour stands out in statements 34, 12 and 24 with the situation in statement 34 carrying the most weight. It strongly displays my non-assertiveness in situations where the other parties are more aggressive. Given a second chance I would come out most assertive like in the situation during family meals when everyone is talking and sharing, i would also contribute and reason out with them in whatever topic of discussion.

In statements 16 and 1, my aggressive behaviour highlights a person who knows her right and speaks her mind when offended. Speaking openly when annoyed does not make me pushy but just shows my assertive nature. I was particularly aggressive in situation 16. Once in a bank waiting to be served, I attacked a woman verbally and told her off for getting a free pass instead of queuing to be served during her turn like the rest. I was so angry, frustrated and tired from queuing for so long, and my first thought was to tell her off for her lack of honesty and etiquette. Therefore, assertiveness stands out as my dominant manner during most of the interactions.

In conclusion, my assertive nature comes out often with the infringement of my rights and being an outspoken person it is never hard for me to express what I feel immediately in a situation. The world consists of individuals having vast characters and different situations that need one to stand up for them in order to avoid oppression. Therefore, it is easy for me to express my assertiveness without ridicule from most of the people in any interactions.

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