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Public Criminologist

The significance of public criminology has always been evident; on the other hand, not all criminologists understand its importance in inquiring state crimes. First of all, it is noteworthy to admit that “the position of public criminologist is both at odds with criminology’s commitment to normal science because it appears to involve moral choice”. It […]

Role Transition of Rebecca M Patton

Rebecca M Patton has been a nurse since 1980 and was elected a president of the America Nurses Association (ANA) in 2006 for 2 years and was re-elected again in 2008. ANA is an association that represents major health policies, work place issues and the practice of registered nurses. After her term in ANA, she […]

Genogram of 3 Families Generation

This paper is about my family genealogy. My family name is Mclarry given down from my great grandfather Heclon Mclarry Senior. Heclon or “The Loner,” as he was often described by persons of his close environment was a man of many characters and uncanny means, in words of his only surviving son — Johann Mclarry […]

Computer Security Issues

Computer security issues are often neglected by regular users. The main argument for not paying any attention to security issues is “I just don’t have anything to hide”. It is quite possible that you are a very open and honest person and there is nothing you would like to hide. However, in our digital era, […]


Christianity is greatly spread religion in the world. Christians worship in churches and use a holy book called The Bible. The Bible is the main source of Christian scriptures and true teachings about God. Christians, like many other believers from different religions in the world, have fundamental beliefs. They believe that only one God exists […]

Schools of Thought and Labour Markets

The three major assumptions arisisng from the Keynesian theory includes; 1. Inflexible wages which means that wages will remain rigid. This assumption supports the notion that nominal wages can not be adjustible within the related time period. That brings about situations wherebylabour demand and labour supplies are unequal, and thus involuntary unemployment. 2. Effective demand. […]

Coming of Age and Identity

An epiphany signifies a sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something, along with an utter comprehension or discernment of reality or authenticity through a sudden intuitive realization. Epiphany triggers the transformation of a person’s identity as they absorb a new insight and realization that makes one change the previous perception of their way […]

Computer and Information Technology

In today’s world, computer technology and information technology have become more widespread and prevalent in our daily lives. Human beings have become more dependent on computers and information technology to the extent that the dependency is inevitable. Szewczak also asserts that the dependency on computers and information technology by people has become excruciating and almost […]

Peplau: Psychiatric Nursing and Interpersonal Theory

The nursing profession practice has undergone various evolutions and improvements, with the first major reforms being introduced by Florence Nightingale. In addition, Hildegard Peplau changed the nursing profession by developing a theory commonly referred to as the interpersonal relations theory that has greatly changed the practice of nursing. This essay examines the life of Hildegard […]

Overmedicating of Children in America

In the recent past, there have been fierce debates about the overmedication of children in the United States of America. The debates have been revolving among parents, in schools, churches and the media. According to McCabe and Steven, there are five major types of psychiatric disorders for which children aged between four and seventeen years […]

Christian Worldview and Communication

Clear and effective communication is essential in all aspects of life, whether interactions occur informally or within the business setting. Communication builds relationships because it allows human beings to interact, share their ideas, commentaries, and recommendations, negotiate, and collaborate, among others. Good communication is one of the strong foundations of relationships because it is through […]

Public Issues

This chapter deals with the process and essentials of public issues, what are public issues, and what defines them.  Indeed public issues represent a failure of negotiation, a problem of conflicts becoming more complex and costly that it starts to worry almost everybody. The world is going through a number of challenges and natural catastrophes, […]

Power Systems

In power systems, voltage regulation refers to the ability of a power system to deliver a near constant voltage over a massive range of load conditions. In order to achieve quality and efficiency in a power system, the quality of the voltage is measured in terms of a stable and constant output of voltage, the […]

Punish or Reform

The role of prisons in our society cannot be underestimated since the amount of law breakers requires some solutions to be found. Current system of punishment is sometimes considered to be too cruel; it led to the appearance of two main opinions about sentencing. First opinion supports punishing the criminals while the other one claims […]

Importance of Capital Punishment

Capital punishment refers to the legal infliction that a court gives of death as a penalty for the violation of the criminal law. Death penalty started long ago in the history of England, when people died due to petty mistakes of pick pocketing. In the old times, the death sentence accomplishment was through crucifixion, drowning, […]

Obesity Prevention Program

Modern life style and rapid technological advancement bring significant changes to every sphere of life including the food industry and, consequently, our eating habits. Unhealthy diet combined with people carrying out far less exercise than ever before leads to the dramatic raise of obesity rates in the USA. Nowadays, many institutions understand the necessity of […]

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