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Problem-Solving Approaches in Psychology

Problem solving is a complex psychological process during which a person is trying to change current situation into the desired one. This process involves multiple mental procedures and consists of different stages, such as discovering a problem, its analysis, strategic thinking, etc. In psychology, there is a number of approaches and methods of studying the […]

Robots Helping Mankind

Engineers and scientists today envision a world where the majority of dangerous and labor intensive tasks will be handled by robots. Many set goals have already been realized; although, humanity still needs to go a long way (The Most Fresh Robots News 2007). Previously, most of the existing robots have been developed to fulfill only […]

Religion and Philosophy in Ancient India and China

Religion may be taken to mean a systematically organized way of life of humans based on belief systems, moral values, ethics, cultural setups that harmoniously connect humanity to the spiritual world. It uses Holy Scriptures to help an organized behavior of its members who follow clergy laws and the god’s will. On the other hand, […]

Eco Friendly Printing Ink

Since the early 1960s, petroleum-based inks have been used in printing industries regardless of its adverse effect to the environment. The main reasons for overreliance on petroleum-based inks were because of its efficient in the application and quick drying. The inks have high percentages of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and therefore, notorious pollutant of the […]

Alternatives to Incarceration

Incarceration refers to the state of being confined, locked up, or detained in closed areas such as prisons, jails, or penitentiaries. Javitze (2009) defines incarceration as the process by which suspected criminals are locked up in jails or prisons for either short or long periods of time depending on the severity and seriousness of the […]


Lipids are stored in connective tissues called adipose tissue and are known to play vital roles in the body in terms of hormone regulation as well as intercellular signaling. The major functions of these lipids are as discussed below; Provision and Storage of Energy. The main role of lipids is the storage and provision of […]

Qualitative and Quantitative Research

This essay criticizes a research study that was conducted by Ovseiko, Oancea and Buchan (2012) on the impact of medical research studies on clinical medicine and the provision of healthcare services. Qualitative research refers to an exploratory study that investigates or examines a particular research problem whereas quantitative research refers to a conclusive study that […]

Iowa Model vs STAR Model

The STAR Model of Knowledge The STAR model of knowledge is a model for understanding the circles, nature, and characteristics of various aspects of evidence-based practice (EBP). The STAR model integrates both old and new concepts of advancing medical care. It provides a framework for the organization. On the other hand, the Iowa model of […]

Gun Control: a Curse or a Blessing

Many people believe that the availability of guns in a society is a social problem and the society should make efforts to get rid of guns. On the other side, some believe that gun use should be permitted is the person handling the gun is responsible and is properly trained (Francis, 34). They believe that […]

Gang Violence in Savannah, GA

Gang violence is one of the major social problems and challenges faced by most communities in various states in the United States of America. It is also experienced in other societies across the globe. Gang violence was ranked third in the list of the most severe and recurrent social problems experienced in most societies in […]

Impacts of Television on the American Society

Televisions are electrical devices, which have become a necessary part of human lives. People watch television as a form of entertainment, education, and a source of information. Besides the positive effects of TV’s, there are contradictions because of the diverging opinions that TV’s have negative implications on the society. The social aspects of TVs in […]

The Negative Effect of Instant Noodles

Food is one of many factors that affect our life. Carefully choosing balanced diet and eating beneficial foods can help us prolong our lives and significantly improve our health. However, most commonly people choose their diet on the basis of convenience preferring quick meals that suit our busy lifestyles but cause a huge harm to […]

How to Prevent Gang Violence in Communities

Gang violence in communities is a complex social issue that affects every member of the community. Gang violence usually leads to social insecurity. As a result, most communities have become terrified and petrified, with little knowledge on how to prevent and control gang violence. This has resulted into increased concern on how to prevent gang […]

3D Modeling

Due to the evolution in the perception of individuals in the society, it has been a major concern to most departments as to the importance of the 3 D objects in almost every field. As result, this has elicited the development of the Computer Aided Design (CAD) to help keep up with the pace of […]

Social Labels

Labeling and the theory of labeling is the process of assigning certain categories of people in positions of generalized negative characteristics, leading to the evocation or reinforcement of these behavioral characteristics. Labeling is a subject of such influential groups as the police, law enforcement officials, journalists, and social workers. As a result, people tend to […]

The Importance of Assimilation

Assimilation is an inevitable process that minorities have to go through to achieve success in American society. It is a necessary mixing of cultural and social terms of minorities with the dominating society. A greater part of success depends upon the question whether or not the person succeeds in assimilation. This dependence is the result […]

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