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Low Crime Rates States that Allow Citizens to Carry Guns

Every citizen in the United States has a constitutional right of self-defense. American constitution recognizes the right of every citizen to use firearms for self-defense. It is thus important for states to pass concealed carry laws that allow citizens to have the right of owning guns. States that have allowed conceal gun laws have recorded […]

The Ingredients of Successful Management Research

Describe the problem(s) you want to address. You are encouraged to solicit feedback from your Learning Set members as well as the Doctoral Tutor on the nature of the problem(s) you have selected. The problem I want to address is that of knowledge hoarding in our organization. Members in our investment team are not comfortable […]

Sampling Methods

One of the most important aspects in any sampling design in research is the frame. The sampling frame has far-reaching implications in any research work in terms of cost and also the quality of research. A flawed sampling frame may result in undercoverage of important subgroups in the population under study. A list of people […]

Case Study

1.0 Introduction The case study B, Qantas Airlines, Dr. Quamrul Alam of Monash University has attempted to provide a descriptive account of the on crucial key organizational changes and development of strategies that the Qantas Airline pursued to stay competitive amidst prevailing turbulence in the Australian airline industry. Quamrul positively identifies the major changes in […]

Diversity in Workforce

Abstract In this research paper, I review some aspects of workforce diversity that any human resource manager should have in mind before undertaking to develop an efficient and sustainable workforce diversity program. This is important for any organization that dreams of achieving its organizational goals and objectives. The papers in my research volume, however, address […]

Constructive Trust

Constructive trust Arise in several instances whereby one person would want to benefit from another person unfairly and in unjust manner. The court can use the Constructive trust to overhaul the situation in order to deliver justice. Establishment of constructive trust on a common has been the latest decision highlighted in the House of Lords. […]

Food Allergies

Food allergies are common complains experienced by many people. Such conditions are usually reactions to foods that are also commonly known as food intolerance, however food allergy and food intolerance are not synonymous since food intolerance does not involve the immune system but allergies do. Food allergies therefore are a reaction of the immune system […]

The Gender Wage Gap

Introduction In 2009, women working full-time year-round in the United States earned an average of 77% of what men working full-time year-round earned (Gender and Society, 2006). This leaves a gap of 23% in the payment. This has improved since 1950 after the passing of the Equal pay Act largely due to the progress women […]

Urbanization: The Effect of Globalization in India

Human Trafficking Human trafficking is the illicit and clandestine transfer of person by coercions or by force with an intention to assimilate them into forced labor, sex and adoption. Globalization has created an urgent need for human labor that has turned Indian into one of the top Asian transit and destination countries for human traffickers. […]

Columbia Industries Inc

Columbia Industries (CI) Inc was established in Vancouver in 1948, as a manufacturer of products for the construction industry used in sewer and drain waste applications. The products it produces include a broad array of specialty couplings, large diameter repair couplings, inflatable plugs, couplings, and flex seal couplings. It supplies products through a large network […]

Concept of the Spectacle

Introduction The media has continued to play an ever-escalating role in modern society. Consumers of media products have been influenced by the multimedia image culture with its seductive spectacles and fascinating denizens of them. Guy Debord, a French media theorist realized this interplay between the media and the society and this prompted him to come […]

Hate Crime

Introduction Hate crime is one of the worst forms of crime in the world with the United States topping the list. It spans back to the era when the United States fought the civil war and experienced discrimination thereafter meted towards the minority races up until the mid twentieth century and the rise of the […]

Negotiation Between Parents and Children

Critique of the title The research approach that was used included the measure of the effectiveness of tools for negotiation which was the quantitative tools that were incorporated with the qualitative rational method. Here the population count of the hospital is used to give the opinion on the involvement of parents in caring for hospitalized […]

Singapore Educational Tourism and Vietnam Perspective

Introduction Statement of the Problem Singapore, a city-state with the size of no more than 750 kilometer square had become one of the Four Asian Dragon beside South East Korean, Taiwan and Hong Kong in the past century. Despise having no natural resource whatsoever yet this island country hold a strategic location for sea trading […]

Modern Diseases

In the research about the interconnection between genetic predisposition and the conditions that trigger the onset of various modern diseases, the topic under focus is HIV/AIDS. HIV is an acronym for Human Immunodeficiency Virus while AIDS is an acronym for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. This is one of the most dreaded diseases in the world and […]

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