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Seal Necropsy

From the necropsy, the cause of death of the seal can be ascertained. The necropsy revealed hair loss, alopecia. Due to the alopecia, the seal might have died from hypothermia due to heat loss. The thin blubber (5 cm) might also have increased the chances of death by hypothermia. Examination of the organs also point […]

American Media and Other Foreign Cultures

Looking through history, we will see that America never was a country that could be recognized by the specific cultural diversities since this was the state of former slaves, criminals, political enemies and people who lost their estates in the Old World. The situation changed after the Second World War. The USA became the country […]


The reality of the 21st century increasingly resembles social climate of the past, when women had to obey men’s commands and requests in order to avoid various forms of abuse. The statistics shows that approximately 2,000 women are raped daily, every 15 seconds a woman gets extremely battered, more than 4 million of American women […]

Ancient vs Modern Governments

The Declaration of Independence is the founding document of the United States of America, adopted by the Continental Congress on the 4th of July, 1776. It proclaimed the secession of 13 British Colonies that were located in North America. This document was extremely valuable for the whole world as it was the manifestation of the […]

Crime Scene Searching

Crime scene search is the investigative and operational activities intended to examine the place of crime in order to establish what had happened and identify the responsible person. The discovered traces and other evidences might help to draw the conclusions find out relative mechanism and circumstances of the case. Thus, the quality of the inspection […]

Criminal Profiling: Myth vs. Reality

Before taking this course, my understanding and perception of criminal profiling was that profilers used to know everything and that their analysis or profiling of an offender was always true. I believed that profilers could just look around them and extract correct conclusions about the mental processes of any offender according to his/her behavior. In […]

Should Mercy Killing Be Made Legal?

Living in the civilized society of the 21st century implies tackling certain dilemmas that have haunted humanity throughout the prevailing part of its history. One of these unresolved issues, which have raised heated public debates in the recent several decades, is the question whether mercy killing should be legalized and mercy killers should be prosecuted […]


IBEW represents about 675,000 members. These include both the wage and salary members. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers has members from different fields. They include members from construction, broadcasting, manufacturing, utilities, railroads and government. IBEW has members from Canada, United States and is one of the unions with the largest number of member in […]

The Millennium Development Goals

The Millennium Development Goals are the world’s timely-destined and quantified goals for addressing an extreme deficiency in its many aspects, such as poverty, hunger, income, disease, inadequate shelter, and exclusion while encouraging equality in education, gender, and environmental sustainability. They also establish basic human rights, such as the rights of individuals to health, shelter, security, […]

Women Studies

“The state” is an institution that can (and often does) systematically oppress folks. Of course, certain feminist practice has worked within the political/legal system to try to change law/policy to better the lives of women. What still needs to be done? Throughout the course of history, the Untied States has achieved major advancements in terms […]

Employment Discrimination

Imagine the situation when two workers who have the same professional qualifications and skills needed for a certain job differ in age, gender, skin color or physical abilities (which do not influence the quality of work performed) and, because of that, do not have equal opportunities to get a well-paid job. If these people manage […]

The Memory System

Memory is the process by which information is encoded, stored and retrieved from the brain. This information can be stored in the short term or long term memory. Tracing the memory system from stimuli into the long- term memory involves various steps. They occur chronologically and involves, stimuli-sensory memory-selective attention-short term memory-encoding and finally into […]

Human Traffiking in Southeast Asia

Human trafficking is a vice that is prevalent today, and it has reached to unacceptable levels. This behavior is immoral and illegal because simply, it infringes on peoples’ basic human rights. Everybody is entitled to freedom and right to decent living. Human trafficking has become a business, and it is very booming in Asian countries, […]

A Divorce

Nowadays, in spite of the decrease of divorce rates, the U.S.A. remains to have one of the highest rates of divorce. Millions of people all over the world wonder why those couples who were going to be happy in their marriage, eventually, make up their mind to divorce. The problem lies in numerous social changes […]

Reason versus Emotion

Emotions make live colorful, reason adds meaning to our existence. A human being is a complex structure represented by a body and mind. This rather cynic statement enables us to take into pieces and study under the careful attention the aspects of human life and behavior such as reason and an emotion. Reason and an […]

Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory

Using information obtained from Jack’s autobiography, we can clearly see the application of Erikson’s theory on human development. As Jack goes through life as an individual with goals and aspirations in life, one can make distinct assumptions on when he goes experiences the stages depicted by Erikson. Through his adolescent and young adulthood, he strives […]

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