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Qualitative Data

Qualitative data refers to data that examines or determines the characteristics and attributes of a study subject or phenomenon during a research study. Qualitative data is used for describing non-numerical attributes such as gender and color of the study subjects or elements. Qualitative data is usually voluminous and bulky, thus, poses numerous challenges to researchers. […]

The Comprehensive Cyber Security Initiative

Cyber security has become one of the major challenges that are facing the globe. With the introduction and development of information technology and the internet, security issues regarding the overall processes and practices of these new technologies is being targeted. This rise in cyber challenge has led the United States of America and other nations […]

Sports Injury

Sports injury is a very common problem affecting the career of many athletes in the whole world. These injuries happen when players engage in particular sporting activities or during training sessions. Injuries may also happen when players engage in poor training practices or wear improper gear while training. Players may suffer several kinds of injuries. […]

Modes of Listening

There are three modes of listening, as explained by Michel Chion. They include causal listening, semantic listening, and reduced listening. The casual mode of listening is the most common method of sound audition. In this mode, sounds are used for the sole aim of gathering information. The referent aids in supplying the sound meaning. More […]

Soccer Player

Rapidly changing worldwide, economic, financial, social, and cultural conditions enforce the development of human identity. People change their occupations and jobs, leave their dwellings and move to other residences, and completely modify their behavioral patterns and customary lifestyles. Changes occur in a wide range of populations involving all individuals, irrespective of their gender, age, and […]

Environment Sustainable Development

Environment sustainable development is a mode of precise human development whereby the use of resources will be directed in the preservation of human needs and the greater environment, it also ensures that these needs and environmental is reached at in the present life and also to benefit the future generations. In the sense of humanity, […]

Illegal Domestic Workers

Illegal domestic workers are people who work at the private homes in other foreign nations without proper immigration documentation and clearance. According to the United States Census Bureau the amount of domestic workers who are engaged in domestic labor have increased and are now more than 2 million. These statistics are understated since there are […]

Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property covers a wide area of legal rights related to artistic and literary works, inventions, geographic indications of source, industrial designs, trademarks, and other creations. Intellectual property rights are the exclusive privileges given to inventors for protecting their interests. Nevertheless, they also have some restrictions, such as limited time in the case of patents and […]

Beatles – an English Rock Band

The Beatles were an English Rock band formed in 1960 which gained their popularity in 1962 while playing in the Liverpool clubs. The group’s line up consisted of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. The Beatles were much enjoyed by publicity till 1970s when the band decided to break up. The Beatles’ […]

Japan Bushido Spirit

Bushido is a special code of behavior developed by a distinctive caste of Japanese warriors known as samurai. This code includes guidelines for honorable and moral conduct and stresses the importance of warrior’s courage, self-discipline and loyalty. However, Bushido is more than just a set of rules. It is a way of life, which is […]

Food Processing

High temperature short time processing uses high heat for a short period to kill the pathogens in food substances. This process has its application in the pasteurization of milk. It involves three categories that include flash pasteurization, steam pasteurization and irradiation pasteurization. Flash method involves high temperatures for short time treatment. In this process, products […]

Unemployment in the United States

The unemployment rate is one of the key performance indicators of economic system of the country. The study of this problem allows economists to identify the patterns of unemployment, its dynamics and structure. Based on the obtained data, the government establishes its policy on social insurance and the regulation of economic processes. In addition, youth […]

The Hashtag

The hashtag is perhaps one of the greatest emerging and modern phenomena of our day. It comprises the utility of compartmentalized and categorical trending topics on to a digital social medium. The function of such a utility is to orient a particular group to a particular issue often revolving around a real-time trend. The following […]

Treatment of Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Body dysmorphic disorder(BDD) is a chronic mental illness that makes it hard for a person to stop thinking about flaws that he/she may have in his/her personal appearance. Psychologists argue that the flaw identified by this person can either be real or imagined flaws. Patients suffering from this type of disorder spend most of their […]

Giving 2 Dollars to a Stranger

Being kind and eager to help others are important features that help us remain people. My family has always told me to be sympathetic and care about the people who are less lucky in this world. However, I heard people saying that sometimes it is not the best idea to be kind. Thus, I remember […]

My Favorite Car

Choosing a car is not easy, especially when considering technical characteristics, price, design, make, etc. However, I chose long ago; I am fond of the Ford Mustang GT V8. It is a car that satisfies my taste, and I would like to drive one day. There are a few reasons why the Mustang GT V8 […]

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