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Place for a Coffee Shop

Utah Valley University has only one coffee shop located in the library in L.A Building. There is not a coffee place situated in the food court or nearby. Hence, students, who spend most of the time in the classes area and food court (S.C building), have to walk about half a mile to get to […]

New Life, New School

Learning more facts about the Catholic University of America and seeing the undeniable benefit of catholic education, I realized that it is the best choice for a student who is fascinated by knowledge and eager to apply them in order to become successful. Thus, I am absolutely convinced that I am making a correct choice […]

Facebook’s New Privacy Controls

Social media is a common and still developing source of connection, especially among young people. The article Randi Zuckerberg inadvertently promotes Facebook’s new privacy controls attracts public attention to the issue of Facebook privacy as one of the most popular social networks with a large number of users. It shows that openness and confidentiality provided […]

My Education Plans and Career Goals

My deep interest and fascination with Computer Science have evolved since I was young. I dedicated so many hours to reading books about computers, trying myself in simple programming, and working with various computer applications. Understanding how computers work and their different parts function took my breath away as a child, and my interest grew […]

My First Day at College

It is a common situation when pupils see their lives changing a lot through graduating from school and starting their college life. I was not exclusion, thus, I always thought that after becoming a college student I will immediately become adult and independent. Changing the surrounding I have been in for years to something completely […]

IPad as the Best Technological Invention

Technological innovations come and go all the time. Some of them influence our lives, whilst others disappear without being noticed. However, some inventions cannot be ignored since they bring something new into our everyday routine or dramatically change the lives of millions. Thus, one of such innovations that can be deservedly called the best technological […]

What Is a Professional Nurse

The Healthcare system has seen enormous hospital restructuring during the last decade, but nursing practice should be of high quality at all times. It has become clear that professional nursing is a fundamental element of excellent patient care and healthcare organization in general. These days, there is much debate on defining the role of a […]

Singing as a Transformative Act

Singing as a transformative act entails singing in the terms of one’s personal life and goals. It also translates to the music that has a broader societal issues or impacts on the performance in a specific musical genre. Many musicals have derivations and musical genres that derive their personal life, the life of the societies […]

Canterbury Cathedral 2012

Canterbury Cathedral lodge is a good destination and celebrates the Kent Excellence in business awards offering the best leisure and tourism businesses of the year. It is owned by the Cathedral and is ranked the best gateway destination for all visitors visiting the historic Canterbury. Canterbury is considered a valuable, as a living community. All […]

Political Crime

Political crime is a wide-spread type of violation in the world where power of politicians is limited only by the scope of law and their own conscience. In fact, there are two major categories of political crime, which will be further reviewed in the current paper. State crimes involve officials who are in charge of […]

Evaluation of Dodge Trucks

Many trucks have been manufactured in the world and available for sale in the global market. Manufacturing of cars is considered as a lucrative activity geared towards equitable marketing. Car safety is one of the notions that are considered by many manufacturers. Apart from car safety and easiness of use, many clients in the market […]

Commercial Airline Pilot Fatigue

Pilot fatigue refers to the state when a pilot feels exhausted or tired. Medical experts argue that pilot fatigue results from a reduction in physical and mental performance of the pilot. Pilot fatigue is dangerous since it may cause pilots to fail to respond to cockpit warnings on time and run the risk of plane […]

The Columbian Exchange

The Columbian Exchange is the process of products animals and diseases interchange between the Old and New World. Along with the positive side of this process like emerging of new crops, useful and interesting animals and plants there were some negative features like death causing diseases that started killing the whole tribes and villages of […]


Euphemism is a set of linguistic resources aimed at elimination of dominant emotional statements in order to conceal or disguise a stigmatized concept. Many modern euphemisms are the result of the emergence and consolidation of the new socio-political doctrines in the public mind (especially the doctrine of political correctness). Thus, euphemisms, on the one hand, […]

Civility in the Workplace

Civility, generosity, kindness, and respect for people are recognized to bring many benefits. Yet, in the modern world some might consider civility an out-of-date formality, others think of it as hypocritical obsequiousness, and still others as a neurotic desire to be pleasant to all immediately. Although some people may deny it, civility can become that […]

Dubai Tourism

The indisputable advantage, which attracts tourists from all over the world to the United Arab Emirates, is a sun, shining all the year round, fine service, wonderful malls and the latest technological novelties. The most visited resorts of the Emirates are Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Fujairah. One of the most known and popular resorts […]

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